Mothers' Day Special Treats and Gift Ideas

Wondering how to "treat" mom on Mothers' Day? Gifts to give her? Do not stress yourself anymore, here are some suggestions you can select or start from, there must be one that fits you and your mom:

My very own thoughts about "Mother's Day"

1. Give her herbal supplements to make her stronger.

2. Cook or prepare a heart-healthy breakfast for mom if you are not too busy. I suggest instant Quaker Oat meal. Just add milk or chocolate or even both plus a little sugar. We call that champorado here in my homeland.

3. Beginning this Mother’s Day, make it your routine to give her some budget allowance every payday so she can buy things for herself. It does not matter if it is small, your mom will surely appreciate your thought of it.

4. If her eyes need some help for a 20-20 vision, accompany her to an optometrist and buy her a customized  reading glasses as a Mother’s day gift. But it will always be the best to let an opthalmologist to examine the real problem in her eyes so it can be addressed properly for early treatment, if necessary.

5. If mom cannot hear  that well, why not give her a hearing aid, you will be surprise to find out how cheap  it would cost you to give back mom's self-confidence – not hearing well  can cause her to be irritable and stressed and saddest of all, to lose self-confidence. You will also see the difference it will bring your home with mom’s ears hearing fine.  Again, a doctor's assessment of her real ear problem/illness would be the best option before a hearing aid.

6. Give her a glass of water every after meal before she ask or do it herself. It means a lot, it is not just a simple kind gesture but a health booster reminding her to drink water all the time.

7. Wear a shirt with her face saying “I love Mom” esp. nice with her photo on it. Find silk-screening videos in Youtube to that by yourself or have your shirt printed in a shop for you.

8. Treat mom to a foot spa or in a massage parlor or even to a beauty parlor for a Mom-makeover manicure/pedicure/haircut/hair color or hair treatment will surely make her smile.

9. Let your children, her grandchildren visit her and bring her flowers from you. Throw some effort to write on the "gift card"...your own handwriting matters:) It would also best to connive with your siblings for a dinner with mom with all of you present and bringing the food then surprise mom. Do not greet her till the dinner comes, she will be surprised and think at first you forget the DAY...

10. Buy her some hobby kit, whatever you know she likes, crochet etc. A good digital camera is also a good gift especially if mom loves to travel.

Children below 15 yrs.old, my daughter and I are preparing some art craft ideas to give your mom...we will upload right away once finished.

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