Speak Filipino Language Lesson 1

I was thinking that you are maybe interested to learn another language aside from yours  that is why I have decided to put-up a page on teaching my native language - Filipino. Others knew  it as Tagalog, yes it can also be called that way but as mandated in the Philippine Constitution promulgated by the former President Manuel Quezon, Filipino shall  be the national language - it is how it should be called.

I will be posting recorded lessons soon. As for now I will be providing you with reading materials  have written in the easiest and most understandable way possible. I hope you will love to follow my posts here.

Most Wanted Gifts Guide

Chatting with friends and some acquaintances, I have learned that most of them preferred gifts of the following kind and here is why:

Writing an Effective Product Complaint

Although most of the times we inspect everything we buy, there is sometimes this little defects or problems we overlooked that we only noticed once we are comfortably sitting in our homes after shopping, the worst is when we are about to use the product. Here are reminders and a sample letter.

Better, meticulously inspect the item and have it tested so it will save you a lot of trouble especially time and expense returning items you purchase. Avoid RUSH buying. And most of all buy in legitimate stores with permanent shop address in case of returns and product complaints. Ask for warranty terms too (how long) when buying electronic items.

In case you have just bought a defective product, you have every right to return it even if you forgot to ask about the warranty. DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) prohibits the “No Return, No Exchange Policy” here in the Philippines. We can reach them online and through telephones to report establishments that not honoring the prohibition. However, make sure to be honest in doing it, let us not abuse the law to take advantage of others. If you know it is in best condition and you caused the items malfunction (like dropping a electronic device), such defects are not acceptable and that is of course dishonesty. Only factory defects or packing negligence are considered legitimate complaints. We must be observers of FAIR trade being responsible consumers and humane.

Be sure to bring the following if you are to come in person (it is better for immediate response from the store). :

Simplified Division for Kids

Division – a Mathematical process that for children in the primary grades mostly grades one to three find it hard to understand.

Our first solution is to have them memorize the multiplication table or just the skip counting by digits one till nine.  But for younger kids, that is just so difficult. Here is another technique I come-up with while tutoring my seven-year-old Riana to simplify the difficulty in solving division I also put a link on my Youtube channel for the tutorial video on this subject, it can not be uploaded here due to its size. It is just around two minutes if you want to see how it is actually done.

Five Things Women Hate about Men

There are these things we hate about our male friend, boyfriend or husband.

1. Men do not seem to listen when we talk.

You have recited half of a novel, you really thought he is listening but…yes, he is asking “What?” when we needed some answer. That is just the time you will know there is so much time wasted talking.

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Hacking 'Greater than' and 'Less than' Signs

 Make ‘Greater than’ and ‘Less than’ easier for your kids to remember.  My eldest child always get confused on answering ‘greater than’ or  ‘less than’ Math questions not because she did not know which has higher value between the given numbers, what confuses her is WRITING WHICH SIGN.

Avoid Boiling Spills Tip

Do boiling water and other soupy dishes annoy you when it overflows out of the pot when boiling? Me too! I hate the messy spills and the waste – there should have been more soup to sip minus the wiping job too! Okay, time to leave that bad feeling behind, learn this tip to keep boiling soup within the pot.

Camouflage Actual Photo

Hi, I would love to share with you the beauty of nature and its inhabitants . This insect has managed to survive in its environment because of its color characteristic that blends with the greenery around. This insect though I am not sure if it is a grasshopper or maybe just a member of the family, stepped on Malunggay leaves and if you will not look at it closely, you will not know it is sitting there.

Other Great Uses of Wooden Plates

Wooden plates we can buy from most Japan Surplus shops are very useful in our kitchen.  They of course can be used as the regular purpose – do not be afraid of the varnish you see, for eating purposes the manufacturers of course used a health-friendly, we call that food-grade varnish.  No harm when small chips ingested.  I believe that is true because I knew of dyes that come from natural source like plants and the dye for chorizo from a kind of bug as seen in Food CIA. Government agencies regulating manufacturing plants will not allow harmful products be made like the function of  Health Departments.

Cleaning Mirror Surefire Tip

Finding it hard to clean your mirror? Wiping makes it look more dirty with water  vapor residue. No budget to buy the glass cleaner tool and detergent? Worry no more! Here is a surefire way to clean mirrors without the budget-wrecking cost:

Noble Evangelical Mission

It is not so usual that our beloved Church administrator to officiate evangelical missions , I suppose for the reason that he  is always moving around checking members around the globe, officiating house of worships’ inauguration and  a lot  more tasks being the Executive Minister of the Church. Last 26th of September, it happened worldwide via video link, and every linked sites are crowded with people from all walks of life, members and their guests (usually love-ones and close friends) who are not yet member of the church. If in ordinary missions, the brethren are assiduous in performing their duties; be it the choir, the SCAN members (who helps in preparing the venue physically and technically – setting-up the sound and video system, the seats for the guests, the stage, the traffic on the way to the location etc. headed by the church ministers and evangelical workers – this time they have been MORE tireless and excited!

My Three Wishes

Poems reveal our deepest emotions, in this poem it is true. I wanted to make life better for for my family, relatives and for the people around me.  I wanted to be of help to others in need but sad that fate can only answer if that could possibly be. When I reach forty, my hope for my dreams shall fade. Good, I still have five more years to aspire…

Nobody is happy for your sibling’s lost, knowing he was deprived of what he should have. That he should have been living a comfortably better life had not his father died and something borrowed was not paid. That brother is always around to give me a hand, now he is helpless, all I can do is to pray for his future.

I have written so many drafts that I did not mail.  It kept me up till dawn, planning my mom’s return to the flock. Worried what might happen every morning I wake-up, wishing to see mother’s name on the ‘Book of Life’ before two possible bad things could happen.

As of now, all I can do is to persevere on waiting for my three wishes to be granted and soon there will be a HAPPILY EVER AFTER. 

Awareness Campaign: Powder Soap MUST-know

Being one of the many moms around the world who use powdered detergent, I am concerned of the deliberate puncturing of each packed of detergent soap.  Yes, you read it right, PUNCTURING. 

I know every soap company wants to ensure delivery of premium product to the consumers – quality soap bursting with fragrance. Do you know that many stores around that do not have a suspended hangers for your products perforate (but not all!) the soap sachets for storage purposes, why?

Tips and Tricks on Getting the Right Shoes

They have been my companion since I was a child... every steps I take, the sad walk to the cemetery when my grandmother died, the happy walk on every Recognition Day in school, my every step to attend classes during college – they carried me patiently, they never left my side, or I should have said my ‘feet’!

At first my mom buys them for me. Then I was asked to choose and mom still pays for each pair. Until I get to have a chance to pick and pay for them, I bought one from my very first salary. They are my SHOES, my constant companion. Unlike your boyfriend, shoes will be there for you till the day you choose to let go…

Ladies, women, girls any way you wanted to be called, I know you have your favorite pair of shoes! And here are some interesting facts and tips about SHOES:

1.  Pointed-triangular shaped shoes make you  (not just your feet) look sexier.  I assessed it before as looking-like dwarf shoes JBut it is not! A friend,  Cielita Cruzada  gave me the idea. I was looking around Glorietta , in Makati while seeing different women and observe  what the pointed shoes make them.  Because of its longer and narrow toe part, a pair would create an illusion that you are taller and thinner.

2. Strapped sandals are the best for ladies with smooth skin especially fairer complexion. Detailed designs complement the feet’s skin and makes one’s feet attractive.  Proof of this, my feet (before not now lol) have always been noticed when I am wearing the very simple silver and strapped Rusty Lopez sandals.

How to Use Thesaurus Properly

‘Family, Daily Living & Style’

Thesaurus is just a reference that comes pre-installed in Microsoft Word, it is offline mode.  It lists the synonyms (words with the same meaning) and antonyms (opposite meaning) of a word. You could NOT completely rely on it on choosing the most appropriate word for a context.  Here are the reminders one should always remember in using every writer’s bestfriend – the Thesaurus:

Choose the most appropriate word, first identify the part of speech where it (the word you want to replace) belongs – how it is being used in the sentence. You cannot find that FACT on a dictionary, the sentence will tell you.  Mastering the parts of speech will help a lot.

The brethren will go to the Philippine Arena for the 101st Anniversary Celebration.

Let us study the sentence above. And I have highlighted the word ‘go’.   If you encoded ‘go’ in your Microsoft Word’s Thesaurus:

Step 1:

On your word document, go to the tool bar on top click on the ‘Review’ tab

What is it Like to Attend the Worship Service in Iglesia ni Cristo?

Curious how ‘Church of Christ’ (Iglesia ni Cristo) Members Attend  and Conduct Worship Services?

As God requires, do everything in an orderly manner.  And here is how the Church follows that commandment:

1. The Church Officers -  be it deacons, deaconess, choir member, finance officers, the secretariat, SCAN members have each own set of uniforms for the Worship Service (WS). 

2. The church goers are seated separately based on gender – males are seated on the left column and women on the right column. 

3. There is an office where to get your proof of attendance (if you are registered from other Locale and just nearby to attend) or give your Transfer Certificate ( if you opt to move-in permanently to the place).  

4. Choir members have identical clear books where the set of hymns are written, they stand to sing simultaneously and take their seats in the same manner.

Potty-training Your Child

Most of first-time moms are really having trouble training toddlers to urinate and defecate in the comfort room’s toilet bowl. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I have been through it before J Why? Maybe because the bowl is too large or too high for children even the toilet-bowl reducer could not help. Accidents are very likely, bumping head on the ground, toilet-drop-down too. Guiding is not that easy too. There is always a need for your supervision so they can move-out their body wastes neatly and safely.

Find your kid a potty, here is the tip for getting the right one:

- Longer hollow part (elongated not circular), to avoid spillage.

Bath Soap Tip

My fellow home buddies, here is a frugal tip you may want to learn on bath soaps’ practical use.  Soaps are usually soft and creamy when wet making them prone to melting instead of your family consuming them longer or for  at least two weeks do not be surprised that the family-size bath soap lasted for just a few days. Here is what I have learned from my sister-in-law, ate Lerma. There's a video clip below to show how...

'Bullet-dropping' Issue in NAIA

“Laglag-bala” Incidents in NAIA is really alarming, more than thirty incidents (if I am not mistaken) happened since January this year.  Among the victims are a domestic helper on her way back to Hongkong, a Japanese National and the identification of the two others I have to find-out. Anyway, whoever they are do not matter that much, what matters are they had all fallen victim to the Modus.

Sad and humiliated that the Philippine Airport – the country’s forefront  unceasingly creating this bad impression to our own fellow-countrymen and most especially to the foreigners who will want to visit the country. No wonder if these prospective visitors will have a change of mind entering the scary airport. A drop to our tourism industry.  I am NOT implying that the air terminal’s staff has something to do with the anomalies BUT if they would stand on it, the staff and employees could unite and help prevent such to happen.  The setback maybe is brought about by fear of losing job IF it happened that some high-ranking officials are involved with the actual offenders. These incidents happened only nowadays – this is believed to be some blackmailing and extorting opportunity for the villains to charge the travelers so as not to have a record. If I am on the shoes of the pitiful victims, I would rather pay for under-the-table ‘settlement’ IF OFFERED than have a derogatory record.

Photo Hacks for the Family

Memories has always delighted us in some ways we never imagine. Seeing the firstborn child you have on the very first day,  memories have become retrievable because of man's wonderful invention, the camera. 

Before, we are using the analog cameras that made us buy rolls of films and some of the photos taken on it just landed in the trash bin “I don’t look good in that pic- that was humiliating etc…” , is just one of the complaints we had then.  Thanks that digital camera graced the scene.  We can now take pics as long as we wanted (as our memory card or internal memory space allows) and then pick from those images the good shots and discard the unsightly ones J without anymore spending the bucks on developing the 'freaky' shots :)

I have here some tips to keep your memories alive and you could do some bonding with your kids doing these: 

1.  Maximizing Album Space

Troubleshooting Phone's Lock Code

Forgot your mobile phone’s lock code?

Birthday Greeting

Our belated birthday greetings to our beloved Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo on his birthday
October 31.  

from Angie, Angel Reign, Riana Ysobel & R. Madera
Quezon East District

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