Simplified Division for Kids

Division – a Mathematical process that for children in the primary grades mostly grades one to three find it hard to understand.

Our first solution is to have them memorize the multiplication table or just the skip counting by digits one till nine.  But for younger kids, that is just so difficult. Here is another technique I come-up with while tutoring my seven-year-old Riana to simplify the difficulty in solving division I also put a link on my Youtube channel for the tutorial video on this subject, it can not be uploaded here due to its size. It is just around two minutes if you want to see how it is actually done.

1. You have to educate her on the parts of the Division process:

2. Say that the larger number, which is the DIVIDEND is the ones we are going to divide or DISTRIBUTE.  

 The smaller number which is our DIVISOR, will be the number of sets we have to make to where we will distribute our dividend

That just means we will make a set of three then distribute 15(dividend) among them. Here's my video tutorial:

Example on Video

Tutorial Video: Simplified Division for Kids 

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