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Peaceful Assembly of the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) Members in EDSA

I am one with the Church Administration, I am a part of the body.  Arriving meters away from the venue in the dawn of  Monday Aug. 31, 2015. My teary-eyed feeling of happiness that I am there along with the other brethrens who felt dismay of the DOJ Secretary’s flagrant support to the case filed by former INC minister and church member Isaias Samson.

We, as members of the Church are taught to respect the laws of the government, workplace etc. We are admonished NOT to join LABOR UNIONS that is why church members’ in Hacienda Luisita known to be maltreated by other co-workers who called for revolt against its administrators –they were not accepted for a ride, they were not sold food and other merchandise they need (Years ago,  the Church Administration has decided to buy a land to relocate them in Laur, Nueva Ecija –the Baranggay Maligaya). That is just one example of how we are being obedient and peaceful citizens of this homeland.

INC members have been good society players too – we are encouraged to live peacefully and avoid vices like drugs and alcohol so we would not become delinquent members of the community. The
 Church members’ have been very supportive of all government projects and advocacies; reminders on voters’ registration (are even read on our Worship Services), keeping the country clean and green (thru various clean-up drives made throughout the country’s scenic spots and shores/tree planting on mountains and in areas that needed such) we also work hand-in-hand with the government’s DOH call in blood donation drives (we even sponsored some), we are also helping the government aid in disasters (bec, we are catering to ALL those in need not just members of the church alone) like in Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan) victims in fact the FYM Foundation was among the earliest help that arrived in Leyte that time and among the benefactors of continuous food supply for almost a month.

We are not among those who had given the government a headache. I was really wondering what could possibly be the OTHER reason for this partiality?! This time, we had to speak-out, that we are not blindfolded of what DOJ (headed by Sec. de Lima) wants us to SEE. For that, we could not hold our silence anymore and we are fighting for our RIGHT as ONE man in the eyes of God. Members went to EDSA  with hearts beating as ONE, that is why when the issue is over (when the government gave time and look on the issue impartially) we also LEFT the area like a single person.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) SEEMED to be unfair and biased on favoring Samson’s case filed against the Church’s council? And the matter that is supposed-to-be an internal affair of the church became a National Issue – is Sec. de Lima running out of problems to solve and gave focus on meddling with the church’s affairs? How about the SAF 44? Is there justice yet for the victims that were heartlessly massacred? How about the “Pork Barrel Scam”? Is justice well-served for the stolen national coffers? Half-done maybe…the issue on our National Park –the photo bomber? The ZTE Deal that may have stolen free internet access from the Filipino people? The Privatization of Fort Bonifacio, the immense corruption within government agencies, the latest issue on the “Balikbayan Boxes” in the Bureau of Customs? The MRT maintenance contract, is it well-executed by the other party? If YES, why are there frequent problems on its operations? Did she look-up on the provisions of the Contract? All I noticed is just REPAIRS correct me if I am wrong, have they really done some maintenance work on it?  Those are just the ones known to me. Maybe our fellow-countrymen know more a lot more.

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