Tip to Keep Steamed Rice Longer

Hello friends, I have discovered a trick that some way, somehow may have a scientific basis on keeping your steamed rice unspoiled for longer. After cooking, I use to leave it warm in the cold till rice cooker with the lid on top.  There is something in the aluminum and steel alloy cover that makes it more prone to hold a greater amount of water vapor that later on makes the rice moist - because this water vapor drops down to the rice then soon will spoil it.

What About a Hammock for the Baby?

Here's my Angel Reign's hammock years ago ...

Hammocks are the favorite child's bed here in my country.  I think it is this magic that when you start swinging it gently, it resembles a pendulum that makes the baby relaxed enough to fall asleep. Even me I would still enjoy swinging and wanted to have a sturdy adult hammock for a nap.

Hammocks come in different sizes and materials. There are these ones made ​​from abaca, Clothlike braided rope.   I prefer the braided rope for my first child, Angel Reign because it is deeper and with rattan ring on top and on the bed part. 

The CHOICE that Means LIFE

I am the eldest of three children in our family. When my father and mother went abroad, I was left in the custody of my paternal aunts in Pandacan, Manila. My three aunts were all spinsters. It explains their profound consecration with my former religion -Catholicism. I really admired them for being so religious and conservative, honestly. They have always spent most of their free time in the chapel; all they brought me along with them. They taught me all the prayers of the rosary -I even memorized them, thinking that God might be happy hearing those words. Every six in the evening it became our habit to recite the holy rosary when my grandparents are still alive.

As devout Catholics, we go to church every Sunday. I am receiving "holy" communions and also doing my confessions with the priests. I also knelt down in front of "graven images" then what we call "Mother Mary" and the different saints. We are even among the people who tried so hard to complete the Untitled for the belief that our wishes will come true. Another thing that I grew up with the fallacy that Jesus Christ is our Almighty God. The Black Nazarene, I can still remember me and my aunts forcing ourselves in the mob just to get near it; to touch the image and wipe that same hand on any aching body part to heal but there really seemed no effect at all ... I just go with the flow being just a young girl at the age of nine. I even looked at the statue closely trying to assess how true it has healing power, the mere fact that it is just a "piece of art" no difference with the other figurines that are hand-crafted by man - I have all that in my young mind. But really, I do not have the guts to ask, I just follow-through ... I am only puzzled when I think why I am doing such things. I just leave that way everything NOT in any way hoping that somehow, someday I will get to know the answers ...

My mother came back after a year abroad and retrieved me from my aunts and we lived in Marikina then four years later, in 1990 we transferred in Nueva Ecija Cabanatuan cAMP. Another religion is introduced to me, the Baptist . My neighbor, my former teacher always invited me to attend their Bible studies , so I joined them for some time. During the study, we sing, dance and clap hands. It's really enjoyable being in their company although I did not pursue officially joining them. 

Ang Pagpaplano ng Pamilya

Ang pagplaplano ng pamilya ay hindi lamang makabubuti sa mismong ina na nagluluwal ng sanggol kundi higit sa lahat sa kapakanan ng mga anak at ng buong pamilya.  Isa po ako sa naging representative ng USAID(United States Agency for International Dev't.) sa isang Medical Detailing Project on Family Planning way back some years ago. Dinadalaw po namin ang mga midwives, General Practitioners (GP) at Family Meds(FM). Sadyang hindi kasama ang mga OB-gyne sa aming binibisita sapagkat maaaring hindi lahat sila ay kumbinsido na dapat magplano ng pamilya – mababawasan ang pasyente nila. Ipinapaliwanag namin sa kanila ang mga myths on artificial methods ng FP at pati ang bawat method mismo. Nagkaloob din ng mga standees, posters at aklat ukol sa FP mula sa JOHNS HOPKINS’ University.

Butil ng Kaalaman:
*GP – o General Practitioners, family doctor din sila ngunit may advantage ang mga FM (Family Med) kung rigid training ang pag-uusapan. Naitanong ko ito sa isa sa mga kino-cover kong FM, nakaka-curious kasi kung bakit magkaiba pa ang tawag, pareho namang doktor ng bata at matanda.

Ang madami sa Artificial FP Methods ay REVERSIBLE, pwede nitong maibalik nang muli ang kakayahang makapag-anak pero mayroon ding mga permanenteng pamamaraan. Malayang makapamimili ang mag-asawa. Ngunit sa pagkakaalala ko ang mga edad 35 pababa ay hindi pinahihintulutan ng mga doktor ng permanenteng method sapagkat lubhang napakabata pa, maaari pa raw itong pagsisihan, may ilang kaso lang siguro na pinapayagan lalo at kung sobrang dami na ng mga anak. May posibilidad daw kasi ng child mortality kapag bata pa ang mga anak at gayundin sa asawa. May mga kaso daw kasi na maagang nabiyuda nang muling magka-asawa paglipas ng panahon ay hindi na makapag-anak muli.

Menudo Recipe, My Style

Here is how I am cooking Menudo, my style. I found a way to make the meat tastier thru my friend Cielita Cruzada-B. and some other tips I learned as years go by...

I Did Not Just Pay for the Shirt

I joined the “Worldwide Walk for Yolanda Victims” February last year. I remember getting a shirt stamped for the “cause”. I still have it in my drawer. But my two hundred fifty pesos (as I remember paying) did not only left me a shirt to remember but it had helped BIG to those who were really unfortunate that mournful moment of their lives.

The Walk spearheaded by Iglesia ni Cristo did not only gave new and sturdy homes to the victims of the terrible typhoon but has brought new life and REAL NEW beginning to the beneficiaries NOT limited to church members alone. 

The homes are livable – there is water, electricity, safe walls and above all there is something inside the community that gives them long-term relief not just for days, weeks or months but probably for a lifetime – farming tools with the necessary techniques (through seminars just as what has been provided in Agusan resettlement –even invited foreign experts to teach latest technology on farming) and equipment; dried fish factory; garment factory— sewing training with pay and employment later on, I was told by a friend who is employed in the same Nueva Ecija resettlement Unlad Garment Factory too.  Those will surely give new life and hope to the unfortunate victims of the catastrophe.

Why My Family Loves Del Monte Ketchup

Hi my dear readers! How are you today? I hope you are enjoying every meal time with your family J I want to share with you why me and my family love this ketchup.

These are my valuable reasons why:

1. Made from real tomatoes, it has lycopene that fights cancer.

2. Unless you did not know yet, your child’s favorite Philippine Fastfood Chain also have it as condiment for their French fries. Check the back of the mini ketchup packets you will find Del Monte brand printed therein.

Reaction Paper: Aquino Administration SONA 2015

Pinakikinggan, binabasa at pinanonood ko ang iba’t-ibang reaksiyon ng mga dalubhasa, ordinaryong mamamayan at mga kapwa taong-gobyerno ng Pangulo ukol sa nagdaang SONA. Marami ang samo’t-saring reksiyon sa naging SONA ng Pangulong Benigno Aquino ukol sa kasalukuyang kalalagayan ng ating bansa bagamat ang SONA ay masasabing  puspos ng stadistika na masasabi nating siyentipikong basehan. May natuwa, may nakulangan, may nag-reklamo at may ilang bumabatikos at kalian lamang may grupo at personalidad na nagsigawa ng sarili nilang bersiyon ng SONA mismo. Mayroon din namang ang may kababawang  pinuna ang ang haba ng durasyon ng talumpati na inabot ng dalawang oras bagamat hindi naman talaga nakapagtataka kumbakit – ito na kasi ang huling SONA (State of the Nation Address) ng ating kasalukuyang Pangulo sa kanyang anim na taong panunungkulan.

Writing Basics

Importance of Writing

Writing gives way to deeper emotions to be expressed. There are things that we could not put across verbally that we can easily and clearly bring up in “black and white”. Writing enlivens the power of minds and ideas of every individual who is striving to be heard – opinion, complaints, important ideas or any message one wanted to get across.

I honestly believe that “The pen is mightier than a sword…” , writing can solve society dilemmas through bringing the needed changes; it can also make everything understandable although it can also damage instantly .

Who can be a writer?

Do you love to share stories? Are you a keen observant of everything that happens around you? That is a good indication that you can be a writer. It is considered a skill.

Amazing Vase: Water Bonsai

Try making this beautiful and really amazing “living” plant on a vase. Yes, making is the right term. You have got to choose a plant from your backyard, whatever pleases you to see. I could not guarantee that it will live on “water” BUT at least you TRY – I think the possibility that any brown-stemmed plant can grow on water is endless. It is also draws conversation to your visitors the moment they notice its magnificence. Here is the procedure I cannot wait to share with you:

1. Choose the “thicker” branch of the plant. That means the older or mature part.

2. Cut a part of it diagonally or just cut any way you want then just re-cut it after, this time diagonally/slanting. It has been proven that roots appear faster in this kind of cut.

Riana's July Clay Art Collection

Here are my daughter's (Riana Ysobel) clay artworks, she constantly amazes me with her creativity.  Get your child copying the designs for their pass time after school.

Tomorrow is her 7th birthday, August 4. This is just my way of telling the e-world I am proud of her :)

Bluey and Pinky the elephants, named by my daughter

Pinky Close-up

She made a car for her toys...

Hop in and join the ride...

Have a great day everyone. Please plus, and re-share to your favorite social sites if you happen to like this post.  Thanks a lot...

Why Buying in Malls is also Being Practical?

There is always a connotation that buying in malls is never practical…here  are several reasons why  I doubt it.

Promo Offers

When malls  have” SALE”,  they mark-down their merchandise almost half the price - the quality is still there, sometimes the reason is just inventory related (no sizes in clothes, last pair in shoes) or end-of-season.  Although most of the cases the discount ranges from 10-25 % off, better  take this opportunity when there is a NEED to buy that something that is a bit pricey undiscounted. True that you can bargain prices with the sellers in the market but it will never be as big as what is offered in malls. My tip, buy off-season items (IF you have extra) and just keep it till that same season comes around, you will notice you bought it almost half the price by then!

Malls also have their “Buy one, take one” promos, I got most of my curtains this way – the elegance of the “ring” element is just so appealing to me. What I notice is that, most of the curtains sold this way is that they are in bulk, that maybe means customers never find the color or plain design being  a good buy.  How you can take advantage of that? The solution for dull-looking draperies  is combining – try pairing light and dark color or one color each for a four-panel window see how it perks-up the wall.  This also gives you freedom to buy on your budget. Buy only a set of the promo if your budget allows you just one for extra expenses, then come back some time for the other colors.

Customer Raffles

Malls give back to their customers by having “raffle” promos every occasion – that is not gambling because you did not buy the ticket, it was just given to you as a “token of appreciation”  for patronizing them – it is just that they can not give all the customers a wonderful gift that would be memorable and exciting – they just have to pick a limited number of patrons to balance their marketing and promotional expense.  I personally knew someone who had won a laptop from a raffle promo in SM Mall, DasmariƱas-Cavite and that proves it is worth trying.

Safety & Comfort

Another consideration is - safer to fit when buying clothes, there is someone to assist you and the guards are in all the entry points to inspect all the visitors coming in.

Car park is guarded.  Safer parking lot for your Lamborghini, BMW, Bentley ,Mercedes Benz or your vintage Rolls Royce.

Malls have safer and well-maintained Comfort Rooms, where there are also vending machines of sanitary napkin, tissue paper etc.  inside for your convenience .  I also see “diaper changing tables” suspended on the walls and a separate CR for disabled people.

Timbang I-wasto sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo

Sa panahon po natin ngayon mataas na ang antas ng teknolohiya. Nakaimbento na ang tao ng mga paraan para iwasto ang sa tingin nila ay hindi tamang timbang.Nariyan ang mga iba’t-ibang kagamitang pang-ehersisyo at ang pinaka-pamoso sa lahat ay ang mga gamot na pampapayat o pampataba, depende sa pangangailangan ng bawat indibidwal.  Ngunit hindi lahat ng uso ay mabuti,  gaya na lamang ng mga kagamitang pang-ehersisyo bago ka magkaroon nito kung ikaw ay ordinaryong mamamayan, sakripisyo sa budget mo, mahal nag karamihan sa mga ito…gayundin ang mga gamot  kailangan din gugulan ng salapi. Higit sa lahat madami sa mga gamot na iniaalok sa merkado ngayon ay may mga “side effects” o hindi magandang epekto sa katawan gaya na lamang ng mga napapabalitang nakapagdulot ng kamatayan sa ilang gumagamit nito.

Dept. of Health (DOH) -Phils. Slogan

Kung kalusugan ang pag-uusapan,makabubuting sinauna pa rin ang paraang sundin natin gaya na lamang ng panawagan ng DOH, yaong slogan sa itaas. 

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