Why Buying in Malls is also Being Practical?

There is always a connotation that buying in malls is never practical…here  are several reasons why  I doubt it.

Promo Offers

When malls  have” SALE”,  they mark-down their merchandise almost half the price - the quality is still there, sometimes the reason is just inventory related (no sizes in clothes, last pair in shoes) or end-of-season.  Although most of the cases the discount ranges from 10-25 % off, better  take this opportunity when there is a NEED to buy that something that is a bit pricey undiscounted. True that you can bargain prices with the sellers in the market but it will never be as big as what is offered in malls. My tip, buy off-season items (IF you have extra) and just keep it till that same season comes around, you will notice you bought it almost half the price by then!

Malls also have their “Buy one, take one” promos, I got most of my curtains this way – the elegance of the “ring” element is just so appealing to me. What I notice is that, most of the curtains sold this way is that they are in bulk, that maybe means customers never find the color or plain design being  a good buy.  How you can take advantage of that? The solution for dull-looking draperies  is combining – try pairing light and dark color or one color each for a four-panel window see how it perks-up the wall.  This also gives you freedom to buy on your budget. Buy only a set of the promo if your budget allows you just one for extra expenses, then come back some time for the other colors.

Customer Raffles

Malls give back to their customers by having “raffle” promos every occasion – that is not gambling because you did not buy the ticket, it was just given to you as a “token of appreciation”  for patronizing them – it is just that they can not give all the customers a wonderful gift that would be memorable and exciting – they just have to pick a limited number of patrons to balance their marketing and promotional expense.  I personally knew someone who had won a laptop from a raffle promo in SM Mall, DasmariƱas-Cavite and that proves it is worth trying.

Safety & Comfort

Another consideration is - safer to fit when buying clothes, there is someone to assist you and the guards are in all the entry points to inspect all the visitors coming in.

Car park is guarded.  Safer parking lot for your Lamborghini, BMW, Bentley ,Mercedes Benz or your vintage Rolls Royce.

Malls have safer and well-maintained Comfort Rooms, where there are also vending machines of sanitary napkin, tissue paper etc.  inside for your convenience .  I also see “diaper changing tables” suspended on the walls and a separate CR for disabled people.

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