Why My Family Loves Del Monte Ketchup

Hi my dear readers! How are you today? I hope you are enjoying every meal time with your family J I want to share with you why me and my family love this ketchup.

These are my valuable reasons why:

1. Made from real tomatoes, it has lycopene that fights cancer.

2. Unless you did not know yet, your child’s favorite Philippine Fastfood Chain also have it as condiment for their French fries. Check the back of the mini ketchup packets you will find Del Monte brand printed therein.

3. Since most mothers preferred Melamine dinner wares nowadays because of its durability and practicality– easy to clean too and ideal to bring on picnics, I strongly recommend this ketchup. It absolutely NEVER stains your plate! I have used the most common ketchup brand in the market (cheaper in cost) but I hate to say that it stains my wares even a scrubber cannot  bring back its tidy appearance after washing.  I theorized that that is due to the fact that DM ketchup does not need to add food color as an ingredient being its main ingredient is tomatoes (naturally red) unlike the other brand that is obviously made from bananas – ketchup will not be ketchup if is not RED and to make a product from bananas be one, artificial food color is a MUST.

4. It is perfect for barbecue marinade concoction, as we noticed most of the barbecue recipes available uses TOMATO ketchup and not banana  ketchup —just a  few tablespoons of soy sauce, brown or muscovado sugar (to taste), another option is to add McCormick barbecue spice (made from mixture of herbs), ground black pepper(to taste)  to a cup of your DM tomato ketchup  you will end-up with a sumptuous treat for the family, try it and your kids will ask for more. If you use the “sweet blend” variant of the ketchup sugar would not be necessary. The “original blend” of DM ketchup is perfect for sandwiches too but my kids prefer “sweet blend” for fried like hotdog and chicken entrées.

I hope I have shared with you one of my treasured food choices and you will be curious to try it soon :)

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