What About a Hammock for the Baby?

Here's my Angel Reign's hammock years ago ...

Hammocks are the favorite child's bed here in my country.  I think it is this magic that when you start swinging it gently, it resembles a pendulum that makes the baby relaxed enough to fall asleep. Even me I would still enjoy swinging and wanted to have a sturdy adult hammock for a nap.

Hammocks come in different sizes and materials. There are these ones made ​​from abaca, Clothlike braided rope.   I prefer the braided rope for my first child, Angel Reign because it is deeper and with rattan ring on top and on the bed part. 

Things to consider in preparing a hammock for your baby:

1. Make sure you have a corrugated cardboard / illustration board (be sure it does not have a smell) as a lining before you put the baby's bedding. Since a braided hammock is weaved in large intervals apart, chances are the baby might drop her legs or the worst is her head and might accidentally strangle her   just a glance you left.

2. Even the walls of the hammock has accidentally strangle the baby, find a way to minimize the weaving gaps in between to avoid it. 

3. This time you can do some recycling. If you have a long "tool" cloth veil on your wedding, you can use it as a mosquito net to cover the whole hammock up to the littlest corner. Just a few clothes' pin will help. Just to see what I have made ​​in the photo nine years ago ...

To be safe, always put the hammock where everybody can easily glance on it or right beside your bed when you are planning to use it at night. And it is also recommended that babies who do not sit or stand yet may use it to avoid accident.

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