Amazing Vase: Water Bonsai

Try making this beautiful and really amazing “living” plant on a vase. Yes, making is the right term. You have got to choose a plant from your backyard, whatever pleases you to see. I could not guarantee that it will live on “water” BUT at least you TRY – I think the possibility that any brown-stemmed plant can grow on water is endless. It is also draws conversation to your visitors the moment they notice its magnificence. Here is the procedure I cannot wait to share with you:

1. Choose the “thicker” branch of the plant. That means the older or mature part.

2. Cut a part of it diagonally or just cut any way you want then just re-cut it after, this time diagonally/slanting. It has been proven that roots appear faster in this kind of cut.

3. Remove too mature leaves. If you want, if the leaves seemed too big as they appear, you can also remove all of them and wait till new leaves come out. Since the plant is not grown in soil with added vitamins and minerals, the leaves will turn-out to be dwarfed – not as big as it supposed to be; a little controlled. Hope for a prettier craft J

4. You can put soft wire like “copper” from broken cables will do; shape the smaller stems the way you want it to grow –wherever direction you want it to sprout-out.

See the wires on the twigs...

5. Then place it in a clean plastic bottle with “distilled" water. Just cut the narrower portion of the mouth (with a cutter or knife) to give space to the branch to submerge in the water inside. Use masking tape to secure the branch in place. Be sure that about 2-2.5” of  the branch is submerged in water.


Better while there are no roots yet, place the project in a shaded place. Do not expose yet to too much sunlight. Sooner, roots will start to appear.

6. Replenish the water from time to time, always check if it needs. I noticed I replenish mine every 2-3 days. That means the plant is drinking that much and roots start to grow. You can now place it in an area near the window for it to be able to make its own food thru photosynthesis.

The roots ....

It is glorious to see long, white, clean and fresh-looking roots swimming in the clear water of the vase. That is why I recommend a transparent vase when it is ready to transfer. Uniquely-shaped, wide-mouthed used wine bottles are quite practical and stylish holders too. It would really be up to you.  When? More and longer roots spells-out it is ready for the showroom…

Seeing that fresh and living specie inside your homes is really quite uplifting…wonderful things that greet you in the morning will brighten-up your day ahead. Surround your place with this kind of ornaments and start waking-up with a light feeling of comfort with “oxygen factories” around you :)

Bougainvillae project...
Rosal project...
Roots of  "Rosal Project"

Hope to have shared to you a very interesting and worth trying home project that will not only beautify your homes but will add healthy air around you. As I said in the reader's favorite article Home Must Haves plants filter the air .

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