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Do boiling water and other soupy dishes annoy you when it overflows out of the pot when boiling? Me too! I hate the messy spills and the waste – there should have been more soup to sip minus the wiping job too! Okay, time to leave that bad feeling behind, learn this tip to keep boiling soup within the pot.

The simple method is just by keeping your ladle inside so that the covered pot will have an outlet to release pressure. Make sure that you are using wooden or stainless steel ladle. If the handle is of different material like mine in the picture (which is made of plastic), pull it a little bit far from the pot avoiding contact to the hot surface for the possibility of melting and food contamination.

Another method is to leave the cover slightly-opened even with just a centimeter gap it surely works; I have been doing that since I learned the technique. 

The one who taught me to peel garlic speedily is also the one who shared that idea to me, years ago in Cavite – the old lady is a not a professional chef but always on call by the barrio people for her cooking prowess. Sharing this to you is just a way of thanking her.  Thanks to her J

Scientifically speaking, do you know why it works? When the pot is sealed with its cover, the tendency is to keep the pressure within since the cover is not tightly locked it pushes-up the cover and the boiling soup comes in contact with the pot’s cover triggering it to ooze-up.  The heat flows to the cooler area, the vacant part of the pot usually the top and detects the escape between the pot and its cover.  That is the reason why pressure cooker’s cover is locked-tight.

Leaving the cooking pot fully-uncovered is not so advisable, yes it will sure prevent spills while boiling but the dirt or paint or sometimes passing insect might be weakened by the hot steam coming from it – thinking alone makes me sicker that a lizard ‘droppings’ may possibly mix with the ingredients! Oh my! I remember a very unpleasant experience before, I just removed the cover of the pan to add onion rings to my pork steak, it so happened that a baby cockroach fell over without my knowledge, since the sauce is dark I have not noticed it until my brother tasted it and so I did too. I can’t remember how many times I vomit tasting it and fishing the roach out of the sauce! My efforts went to the trash. We would not like that to happen to anybody anymore sister-moms and grannies! Do not EVER LEAVE a cooking pot or pan uncovered just to avoid spills when boiling, just keep those methods I shared with you J Have a nice day!

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