Hacking 'Greater than' and 'Less than' Signs

 Make ‘Greater than’ and ‘Less than’ easier for your kids to remember.  My eldest child always get confused on answering ‘greater than’ or  ‘less than’ Math questions not because she did not know which has higher value between the given numbers, what confuses her is WRITING WHICH SIGN.

The technique is to make the signs appear like eating monsters, wherever  the food is MORE the mouth opens wide on that side, 

Tell your child that the MOUTH OPENS to more food that means GREATER NUMBER.


10        >          5                                  30        <          50
25        <          50                                1000    >          800
100      >          10                                48        <          85

I hope I have provided you a helpful hint to teach your child on identifying the correct sign to choose on this confusing Math Lesson.  I would not mind you re-sharing this post on your favorite social sites, thanks for doing that :)

Thanks a lot for reading. 

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