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My fellow home buddies, here is a frugal tip you may want to learn on bath soaps’ practical use.  Soaps are usually soft and creamy when wet making them prone to melting instead of your family consuming them longer or for  at least two weeks do not be surprised that the family-size bath soap lasted for just a few days. Here is what I have learned from my sister-in-law, ate Lerma. There's a video clip below to show how...

What you will need:

Cigarette foil
Bath soap

How to:

1.  Be sure that the soap is not too wet nor too dry, just enough to stick the white side of the foil at the back of the soap. Be sure to wipe the white part of the foil with tissue paper or clean dry towel to remove cigarette smell.

2. Just stick and flatten the foil to mold it to the shape of the soap, be sure to remove excess air bubbles.  Let  air-dry for about 30mins. Here is a video on how to cover the soap.  In 3gp format, compatible to mobile phones.

The soap looks prettier and expensive J But most importantly; it is guaranteed to last longer on the soap dish because the part clinging onto the dish is not that exposed to extreme wetness.

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