Potty-training Your Child

Most of first-time moms are really having trouble training toddlers to urinate and defecate in the comfort room’s toilet bowl. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I have been through it before J Why? Maybe because the bowl is too large or too high for children even the toilet-bowl reducer could not help. Accidents are very likely, bumping head on the ground, toilet-drop-down too. Guiding is not that easy too. There is always a need for your supervision so they can move-out their body wastes neatly and safely.

Find your kid a potty, here is the tip for getting the right one:

- Longer hollow part (elongated not circular), to avoid spillage.

- The leg-rest must be around three inches wide for sitting comfort . When it is narrow, it would not be comfortable to sit-on.

- It will also help if it has even a short back-rest but not so necessary.
The height must not be too high, imagine your child sitting there, or have her actually sit when you shop for it to see if the child’s legs will not cramp if it is too low.

- Better choose a funny or colorful cartoon-inspired one so your child will definitely like it, just like one of her toys.  The plain cup-like conventional potty in the market has no attraction to children and is not advisable since the top-lining walls where to sit is so thin that anyone who sits need balance to keep it upright and avoid stumbling when sit upon.

-When the child is younger than three years old, just put the potty next to where she is  playing, she may not be able to control her bladder yet. When the child is one year old every time she pees, introduce what is a “pee”. Show her the filled-up diaper before throwing. And in other situations, like for example she happens to pee on the floor, show her the pee and tell her “this is your pee…we call this pee” ('wiwi ' in Tagalog/Filipino slang) so the child knows what are you talking about when you start potty-training her. Tell her too that it smells bad while somehow pretending to smell it cover your nose after and tell her you will throw it away. Do that too with her “pupu” – stool/feces.

-When she is three-four years old, you can also ask her to come along whenever you pee to see what is going on in the toilet and tell her the bowl  is  mom’s and the potty is hers

You can sure put the potty there beside the bowl. When you defecate, act like your stomach is aching and run slowly with her to the comfort room –talk like “mom is going to move-out some garbage from my stomach…” when it starts to come-out, ask her to go back  from where she was and play because she will not like the smell. Maybe a week or two of doing this will help her understand call of nature and the proper place to do it.

- Put the potty in the CR so learning the use of the room is simultaneous too. Tell your child why he could not use the bowl yet. Tell her what could possibly happen so she will dare to try when it happens she goes there alone.

- Give her a food or biscuit she loves whenever she does it right.  A praise “very good”, an embrace or a clap will also do. Reward will motivate her to keep doing what you taught her J

Good luck with your child’s potty-training. I wish you a good smelling- home and lesser diaper expenses sooner.

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