Troubleshooting Phone's Lock Code

Forgot your mobile phone’s lock code?

Do not run yet to the technician to pay for troubleshooting. Here are some ways that you may try. Since your device needs reformatting – your data, the messages or save phone numbers will not anymore be available.  Yes, it is a FACTORY RESET. It is not easy when your phone is locked-up and you could not access the FR button. There are ways to do that by ‘hard reset’:

1. If you see a teeny-tiny hole anywhere on your phone, as tiny as accessible only by a needle, you found it!  That is the ‘hard reset’ button – we call it that way because we are not touching the software on resetting but the hardware, the handset itself. Push the button hidden inside that tiny hole

2. Second option would be the ‘power’ and ‘volume’ control buttons. Press the ‘power’ button together with the ‘volume up or volume down key’, better try a combination of each to check what works best on your phone.  If it is successful your phone will display some text telling the option of a RESET then be guided or it will automatically Reset for you.

I have tried it on a friend’s (Lovely O.) Samsung Galaxy phone and on a Cherry Mobile phone my daughter owns.  It worked for both. I am glad we saved for the expense of reformatting. I hope it will work on yours before you spend a dime…

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