Awareness Campaign: Powder Soap MUST-know

Being one of the many moms around the world who use powdered detergent, I am concerned of the deliberate puncturing of each packed of detergent soap.  Yes, you read it right, PUNCTURING. 

I know every soap company wants to ensure delivery of premium product to the consumers – quality soap bursting with fragrance. Do you know that many stores around that do not have a suspended hangers for your products perforate (but not all!) the soap sachets for storage purposes, why?

The still bloated-sealed-sachets slides down the shelf boxes where the
merchandisers put them on display for the shoppers to see.

Thanks to my dear friend Ayz  (she told me about this) who actually saw the store assistants/merchandisers holding needles piercing the sachets to release the air; the thinner it gets, the more fitting it becomes to the shelves - stackable. Knowing my friend would not make a story, I believe it is true and because as I investigated and compared sachets hanged on some other grocery stores, the appearance is really different! The other pack is air-bulged and the one punctured looks limp. And when you opened the packs, the un-touched pack smells a lot better as expected.

I wrote this not to report the store owners but to give consumers understanding on what is happening inside the detergent sachets as well as the soap makers so they can address the situation.

My suggestions to consumers like me:

1. Do not buy the limp packets unless you wanted to buy less than your money’s worth or you never wanted to enjoy the fragrance of the detergent you are buying.

2. Better opt for the stores that hang the powdered detergent packs on a suspender rod so that you can be SURE that the items are not punctured. 

May I suggest to the soap makers the following:

1. Maybe there is a way to pack the powdered soaps in a way that it preserves the scent and to avoid such deliberate perforation.

2. Or you can provide the stores with suspenders and remunerate with some freebies those who use the hangers to avoid placing the sachets sliding from the makeshift shelf boxes preventing them from inevitable piercing.

3. Or advise directly the brand merchandisers to follow strictly such display requirement.

I hope moms like me are now aware of the powder’s appearance and would not be tricked in buying the limp packs that have lesser quality.  Exposing ingredients to humidity may somehow affect not just the quality of the scent but MAY PROBABLY the cleaning power of the product.

And I do hope that manufacturers will not ignore this scenario.

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