Win Over Your Husband's "Future" Mistress

It is about time that wives must examine what qualities those who became mistresses have that made husbands forget they are married:

1. Mistresses do not NAG.

Since, they do not have the right, mistresses do not complain about:

- husbands having to come home late
- does not mind their mobile phone and nag about a message.
- do not ask how much money your husband will give her.

2. Dresses nor looks not like an old maid.

Wanting to make your husband come back for more, the woman dresses in her best. Sexy outfits abound and "duster" is a No-NO...learn from the "other woman". 

Compare yourself to your granny- wearing thick eyeglasses, the loosest of all shirts, and the unfitted/droopy pants (that you even wear as your maternity get-up, whew!). Hey, your husband might not be proud introducing you to his clients, colleagues and even peers or friends! Have someone to come along with you while shopping for a new set of clothes (who has a good taste in power dressing even when you buy in malls or botiques) - listen to her opinion as well as the salesperson's, the two of them of what looks good on you. Do not opt for sizes larger than three or more inches wider than your real measurement . If you are heavier than usual - I suggest a pair of leggies/tights and medium-loose long shirt, black pants (can create an illusion of  a narrower body), pencil-cut skirts just on knee-cap point, pleasant color (pastel) choice of blouses and shirts or designs can get attention away from your body.

Being sexy does not mean showing flesh (if she does let her), just how you carry and the size of the outfit fits you right. Right means not like as tight as a snake's skin nor as loose as a cow's. 

Men love color on that woman's lips and face - it is not really the color, it is just that make-up highlights the part of the face and makes it appear more beautiful than it is without. But thick make-up will not benefit your skin too, well just be on the moderate

Your measuring guide? As long as your make-up or dress does not make you a an inviting subject for "rude" bystanders that means it is acceptable :)

No budget?! That is where "surplus shops" are helpful. Or have your existing clothes repaired.

3. Patrons of perfume and lotion.

Since your husband sure to tell the mistress when he would come, she bathes herself in perfume, lotion etc. Taking shower and maybe pouring a bottle of mouthwash in her mouth! 

Do not let the daily household chores make us forget to pamper ourselves. Moms like me smells like the menu for the day, true is it not? Or a cleaning detergent...when did you last buy a cologne or perfume for yourself? A hand and body lotion? Or even a mouthwash? Are you okay being knocked-out by the mistress on this simple aspect? A good smelling shampoo works well too and stays-on like a perfume. Smelling good is not inborn, it will just need some effort and a little money to accomplish:)

4. Wear sexy undergarments.

Before, I am not buying black or lace or dark color underwear because I am shy that a neighbor might see it drying on my clothesline - but see the "other woman" in movies, they don sexy undergarments. Yes, we are conservative and just choose undies that are comfortable to wear and usually are cotton but does not have an appeal to hubbies. You might just be looking like the dead wall on your room. Not just on colors but the designs can appear sexy too. The T-backs that most wear on their white pants, you can wear it with your favorite nighties.

Try the undies from Victoria's Secrets, they are really fabulous :)

5. Expert in Bed?!

The "other woman" will sure give a lot of effort to be expert in bed to satisfy who does not belong to her, that is for sure. Again, let us not be left behind - my fellow wives.

This is a little off and shameful to talk about but husbands are SURE to prefer us being good in bed. Throw away our PRUDISH side, we have to learn and understand what satisfies them in bed. Anyway we are married. Experiment. Read tips. My sister-in-law lend me an FHM magazine (adult content) there are articles teaching women and men alike how to be good in bed. Such reading materials are informative in that aspect.

I hope these five simple tips have made us some minutes to think about helping ourselves improve in the "senses" of our husbands, fellow-wives :) 

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