Yotaphone 2: The World's First Ever Dual Screen Mobile Phone

Hi everyone, I have been fascinated of this latest innovation on mobile technology. Imagine, there is now a dual-screen mobile phone - Yotaphone 2.

The front screen is a regular LCD while the back is an e-ink screen. The front screen can be extended at the back with the press of a button.  

When you ran out of battery in your front screen nothing to worry  about just move the interface at the back presto! You are on again, why? The back screen is powered by e-ink like the smart readers.

On another video I have watched, the phone also possess the solution to the most common problem of an lcd-screen - the vagueness of the screen while on excessive sunlight.  The E-ink provides clear view of the screen.

On the other hand, display on the e-ink powered screen is just gray - not colored.  Expectedly, they might soon develop software available for use on e-ink with regards to multimedia aspect.

Yotaphone is a Russian Company.  Here is a link from you tube about the phone.

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