The Best Tasting Fish Sauce I Have Ever Tried - Lorins Patis

In home cooking I am using not just salt to perk-up the taste of the viands I cook but also patis or fish sauce.  

Out of curiosity I have tried different brands of fish sauce and discovered these things:

-How bad it smelled depends on the manufacturer. There is a brand that by just opening the bottle makes you feel like blowing - very stinky!  

-There is also another that just tasted like salt dissolved in water. 

-My favorite brand has a distinctive taste that will surely bring goodness to your cooking. 

I discovered Lorins brand,I am not paid to advertise it but I felt thankful that my sinigang, tinola and nilaga has been tastier because of it especially sauteed mongo. It also works best for dipping, partnered with calamansi-  one big calamansi for a tablespoon of  Lorins patis works well as a dip for your sinigang's meat.  And it does not smell that pungent too. Try it too :)

Product Rating: 4/5

Satisfaction guaranteed, BUT hard to find on stores/groceries here in Quezon Province.

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