Murder or Homicide, Confusion Buster

After  seeing various crime news on tv, I am wondering why a case was called homicide and another was murder. At first, I thought that the degree of brutality affects the naming; that was just my own perception .  But I have encountered few that however the crime is so brutal - it was just classified as homicide and not a murder case. Whew! My notions should then be corrected and I must not be ignorant of the laws in my country.

The difference between murder or homicide cases (speaking of my homeland, Philippines) really baffled me to the extent that my curiosity brought me to the shelves of Araullo University-Cabanatuan  City, my former alma mater's library.

 Walking straight to the Criminology Section of the Library, the librarian is surprised looking at me while I am signing in - maybe wondering maybe why I stepped-in at the wrong place -but she did not bother asking me.  Well, I proceeded to my  awareness mission.

I can not quote you the exact page and author of the book (because it was maybe in my 2nd yr college) but it says like this:

Homicide Cases

There is a killing incident that happened from an outburst of a sudden altercation - meaning unplanned just "killing at the spur of the moment" . The suspect does not any have any previous plans of committing the crime.  It maybe the situation that provoked the suspect to commit the crime.

Murder Cases

Whilst in Murder Case, there is a killing present too- but the crime happened with an element of planning - there is sometimes an assassin hired to accomplish the crime or the ones with the motives spied on the victim's routines and whereabouts and find a way to execute the crime himself-there is this planned killing so to speak.

Friend, if you are a police or anybody who has more knowledge about it, I hope you would not mind commenting and contributing some more about this topic for us to be more familiar with it...Thanks, thanks  for reading.  

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