Wondering How Can Christ be Your TRUE Savior ?

Being a Roman Catholic before, I was taught that our Lord Jesus Christ is our savior. Yes, it is my faith until now. But I did not know how can our dear Lord save me, in what way can He do that and a lot more questions on my mind, not until a true messenger from God explained it to me.

Bible has always been the sole basis of Iglesia ni Cristo's faith. The bible says that God has given His only son for us to be saved.  And it was explained in the Holy Bible too that God has His policy on saving man - that a man can not be saved by another man, unless himself alone therefore parents can not save their children and vice versa. 

What did God do so that Jesus Christ will not break that aforesaid rule?  God created a NEW being in His vision.  That is, Jesus Christ and His church as one new man.  Being Jesus Christ as the HEAD and the church, His BODY.  Therefore, the factual obligation of head to its body is to save it. On a more common term, when there is a fire -people are running away from the burning flames, we can clearly see that no head has come out carrying a different body from that of his own..

That is why unlike during Noah's Arc's time that man needed to make a gigantic ship in order to be saved from the killer water, now it is fire that will be sent to destroy the world and its inhabitants on Judgment Day - no need for a ship, God directed us  to be part of Christ's body for us to be saved on the Judgment Day so that Christ will be able to save us.  And to do that, we must find our way to the true church. 

The true church's name is written in the bible - as well as all the distinguishing marks that will make us pinpoint it.

All of these will be explained to you in detail with the verses from the Holy Bible by a Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) minister bring your copy of the bible for your reference, if you have time, here are URL links you can check:


Check out the nearest congregation/locale in your area. Find the "church locator" at http://incmedia.org/content/. You can also sign-up there for FREE Bible Studies.

If you want to know how I have been called to the church, here's a link of my Convert Story Invalid Devotion

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