Trim and Shape Your Waist in Minutes Effortlessly for Men and Women

I have downloaded and bought an aerobics DVD to follow and help me burn excess fats - many said it is effective considering it is included in your daily routine. I could not comply, sometimes I forget. Sometimes, I really do not have spare time at all.

Using a waist belt/waist shaper while doing your household chores can burn inches of your waist instantly! I have proven this, I noticed that the shorts I am wearing became loose when it is not before I put the belt on.  After removing the belt you will notice sweat on the rubber part clinging to your body.  Make sure you pull the belt tightly, it might not have effect at all placing it loose. Wearing it morning till night produces good results. The best position would be it on the middle of
your waist. Never from waist down or from waist up.  Center it on your waist between your torso and abdomen

Persona brand waist shaper is available in drug stores not more than two hundred pesos (four dollars) the last time I bought. or the one offered by Avon Wellness (I just used the ones intended for the arms) it has greater effect because it is thinner, it is easier to pull tightly. It is usually locked by a velcro. Between the two, I preferred Persona. The size is just enough. Avon's waist shaper is thicker hard to pull that is why I recommended the arm shaper (it comes in two pieces with the waist belt). Since the arm shaper is intended for the arms, it is a little shorter not to cover the abdomen perfectly.

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