Two Sets of Most Commonly Interchanged English Words Decoded

Hello everyone, some of  us knew the difference between words with almost the same spelling but has "c" and "s" as their distinction - that when checked are both spelled correctly though each has a different function. And for those who still get confused with it, I hope this would help.

The two functions I was referring above is as a noun (refers to name of persons, place, things and events) and as a verb (words denoting action).  Take note of this simple reminders:

The one with "c" is a NOUN.

  I was given an advice not to drink coffee at night for better sleep.

Advice here refers to a name of something/and use as an object therefore a noun. Another example is:

The prophecy was clearly written in the holy scripture.

Prophecy  here is used as the subject of a sentence that is usually a noun or a pronoun; on this case it is a noun. 

The one with "s" is a VERB.

I advised her not to drink coffee at night for to be able to sleep early.

Advised above is used as an action word/verb.  Another example would be,

The holy bible prophesied the re-emergence of the true church.

On the above sentence, prophesied is used as a word denoting action, therefore a verb.  

I hope that you will not get anymore confused the next time you write using these terms/words :)

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