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Life in this world is full of surprises no matter how much effort you give and whatever you do to make things better, things just do not turn-out the way we wanted or as planned .We cannot really adjust the direction of the wind, sometimes better known as our destiny or fate but we can always adjust our “sail” that symbolizes our actions to reach a certain ‘destination’ , our GOALS. And because of that man has learned to improvise – creativity also applies in life. One must learn to create something from the available resources.

Okay, you were not accepted in the Company you have dreamed of working with –hey, it is not the end of the world for you. We sometimes need to reflect or look back from where it all began not to waste our time being sad about our loss or failure but to seek what caused us to fail. And there comes adjustment. We must employ conservative thinking in a way that we must have a contingency plan; that means when “Plan A” did not work I still have “Plan B” or even “Plan C”... depending on how determined you are to reach your target.

It would not be so favorable to quit just by a single or twice or even thrice attempt…as long as we breathe there is hope and there is always another chance to try. A story in the Bible inspires me to say that and our Lord God really made things possible despite the many setbacks – Abraham was promised to be the ‘father’ of many nations; having a wife with medically declared impotence and both of them very old, I think almost a hundred years old; that promise may have been a BIG joke to many but it happened. Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Another thing that happened that when our Lord God asked Abraham to offer his son like an animal to be killed and burned, Abraham did not hesitate a bit because he remembered that he was promised to be the father of many nations – if his only son Isaac will not live long to have a family how can that happen…Abraham did not doubt God’s words. We later learned that God only tested him and never really wanted his son for an offer and a sheep appeared somewhere and was offered instead. This may be a lot more different and heavier than what we are experiencing right now.  

All things can be possible if we start to believe that we can, mind and thinking can affect us drastically that it shows on our activities.  For example, thinking so hard and lamenting  over the obstacles we come across in surviving our struggle to achieve our goal – we become pessimistic , we think negatively like “I can not do this because….” a n endless ‘because’.  How come you have thought of the many hurdles, how could you not think more of the possible solutions to them. We always need to adjust to survive, those who  preferred to ignore the challenge and just hope for the ‘come what may’ when one can do something to improve the situation  become n instant loser.  Start adjusting your sail and you can hope for the best , better than hoping and waiting for the worst to come.  When you try, two things can happen -  losing or succeeding  but when you don’t, you only have a single ending– to fail.  Never let any chance to pass, opportunity does not come as frequent as you want them to be. Learn to adjust your sail to reach your destination

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