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Want to know more about INC (Iglesia ni Cristo) TV Programs? Whatever interests you is here. Here is a list of my favorite:



Do you want to know how INC members live their daily life while performing their duties to our Lord God? Features their job, church responsibilities with emphasis on time management (each featured is asked for tips) to show exemplary brethrens who however busy in the worldly things without sacrificing the foremost priority in every Christian’s life –to serve our Lord God.

Let’s Talk

A group of knowledgeable brethrens (consisting of  married and singles  from both sexes for unbiased opinionating) brainstorming on different topics from career, parenting and family life etc. that serves as a reminder or bring awareness to every individual – with God’s words as the final opinion relayed by Bro. Leybag, a minister of the gospel. They also conduct interviews of successful board passers, sports personalities, entertainers who have extraordinary stories of success (particularly INC members) etc. to bring inspiration to those who want to follow their lead.

Ang Pagbubunyag

Lessons intended for Evangelical Mission are the main topics discussed by two evangelical ministers that is mostly in the question and answer method with the Holy Scriptures as the sole basis of elaboration.

-The Message

- The worship service lesson for the particular date for MISSION purposes (not to replace the actual WS, brethrens knew about it). It is delivered in the English Language. I found this out because after the WS I sat in front of the tv hearing the same lesson from the service I have been.

- Executive News

Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo’s pastoral visitation around the world. The brethren’s reactions and messages.

- Tagarito Kami

Features provinces (ecclesiastical districts) the physical/geographical aspect and location, domestic products and  historical facts as well as the livelihood of each inhabitants.  The presenters are brethrens living in the area. Features  a tour in the scenic spots and the bonding places of brethrens for socio-cultural activities outside the chapel.  Flashing the schedule of Worship Services in locales surrounding the tourists destinations in the province.

- Stories of Faith

Convert stories of brethren around the world. True stories of surviving our Faith and knocking-out every obstacle that comes along. What helped each brethren to be where they are in terms of Faith gauge.

- Finish Line

Success stories/achievements of brethrens in a particular field – sports or career-wise. Secrets to success and life being a Christian.

-  Gabay sa Mabuting Asal

Guiding every individual within the framework God teaches.  How to deal with family and social relationships. Good manners and right conduct, parenting and others…suggestions on proper behavior.

- Paninindigan

Moving stories of how church members persevere in performing duties to our Lord God  despite the setback of calamities, distance, trials and difficulties. Features – how impossible was made possible in building houses of worships hampered by road difficulty  - actual footages of material transport (like carried by hand passing creeks and climbing slopey mountains) as well as showing the brethrens initiative to aide in faster pursuit  of chapel construction. Then the message and reactions of brethrens who were blessed to have the WS house.

At first showing the dedication of every member to walk, swim their way to the nearest house of worship (which is in truth VERY FAR on-foot).

Click this to watch:

- INC International Edition

Iglesia ni Cristo doctrines preached in different languagesEnglish,  Mandarin, Nihonggo, French, Spanish, Korean etc. 

Church News

Updates on current activities of the church in terms of mission, aid to humanity and recognitions (like from Guinness) given to the church and its members. Unity games update.

- CMV by Request

Christian Music Videos by request.

I hope this has given you ideas what each show can offer - the brethrens and most especially the guests who wanted to tune-i to INC's official tv channel.  I will update this post on  the other programs not listed here later. Thanks for reading.

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