Idiom Decoded: 'compare notes'

Idiomatic Expressions (talinhaga in Filipino language) – are phrases or words that does NOT imply or talk about LITERAL (word per word) meaning.

One of those idioms is:

This phrase means ‘to hear one another’s idea or opinion about anything they are BOTH concerned/interested about’. Meaning, discussing about anything. Hearing one another’s opinion and observations. ‘Compare’  represents ‘to relate’ or to check or see if they are similar or different in opinion or findings. ‘Notes’ here resembles ‘each of the ideas presented’ that is ready to share between one another. We are talking more about connotations of each word not literal sense.


The twin students compare notes after writing their thesis.

- The twins want to make sure that they have written a harmonious thesis about their  group’s topic that is why they checked each other’s paper.

- The twins see to it that they have listed similar observations that are not conflicting at all.

Miguel and Joshua have been comparing notes about their previous relationships.

- Miguel and Joshua talks about their past girlfriends.
- The boys may have compared the girls they have dated.
- The boys may have discussed their abilities to handle ‘boy-girl’ relationship.

The judges for the Miss Universe beauty pageant compared notes about Miss Philippines and Miss Columbia only to find-out that they share opinion that Ms. Philippines is their best choice wear the crown.

- The judges were discussing about who stand-out in the swimsuit and evening competition; who had blown them away in the ‘question and answer portion’.

- The judges are comparing notes on who is the complete package of a beauty queen that would give them pride choosing.

I do hope that I have helped you understand the above idiom better and I have been on my way of fulfilling my promise to you that I am going to post more of  Idioms.

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