Fruit Salad Hacks

Missed the salad from the holidays? There is no harm in concocting another with these few tips to make it more delicious.

Add CRUNCH,  texture to your fruit salad by adding Fuji apples – I chose and have tried Fuji (red-yellowish-skinned) because it does not oxidize easily to turn dark when chopped and it is crunchy not like the red ones that is mushy.

What can possibly turn your salad into a HIT dessert?

Aside from all-purpose cream and condensed milk as sweetener , do you know that a ¾ cup of evaporated milk can make your salad taste even better?

Other Fruit Salad Tips:

It is better to mix the cream in room temperature not yet whipped to combine easily with the condensed milk, evap milk and fruits. Then refrigerate and serve after a an hour or not put in the freezer, icy salad is not so good...just on the shelves below the freezer for the cream to thicken.

Mixture Proportion:

3.62 kg. Caned Fruit Cocktail
2 Fuji apples (cubed)
2 boxes of all-purpose cream
1 sachet 'sulit pack' cheese or 1/4 box (diced)
1 small can of condensed milk

1 small can of evap milk
seedless raisins (optional)

I hope you will try it. Enjoy! Have a great day everyone..

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