Be Blooming with Jewelries

I have my favorite ‘skirt and blouse’ worn on several important occasions –  I wonder why on the last event I had that pair on me, friends could not help complimenting that I look blooming, I even heard a ‘wow’. I kept thinking what made the difference the fact that I am also wearing the same dress and shoes.

Accessories adds accent to a plain blouse  or dress
I looked in the mirror getting home. Trying
to find-out what really caught their attention. Oh, it is the necklace that I put on! I also looked at it on the mirror and it really looks amazing. The combination of gems, metal and the art of the design is really exquisite. The necklace looked so dramatically unique and classy. It gave me an aura of confidence and elegance – I am sure it will be the same on you.

Find your ‘piece’ from a store where they offer limited pieces – two or three or sometimes only one item bearing the design. Uniqueness is beauty. If that design is only made two-three pieces it is very unlikely you might bump with someone wearing the same. Anything that is seen all over the place loses its value. BUT as the ‘Law of Supply and Demand’ explains, the lower the supply, and the demand is high, the price becomes high. You have to pay for the price of uniqueness.

The sight of gems on jewelries are really so alluring. The difference of metal jewelries from gems – the various colors every gem has, the sheen…the exquisite designs add elegance and thrill. It makes every woman a princess.

Suggestions if you are a man reading this:

Aside from the usual flowers and chocolates, why not give a gift of gems and jewelries to the  woman of your life – whether she is your mom, your sister, your wife or girlfriend or just a friend or even the lady boss this coming Chinese New Year? Try it, I am sure you will get a kiss or hug for it.

Try wrapping the jewelry in three to four boxes from large-medium-then last, its own box. Fill each larger box with crumpled scented, colored paper or with a ‘tool’ (a thin cloth that looks like a mosquito net) especially used for decorations – it will really be a mysterious but wonderful surprise.

As soon as this jewelry makers send me their samples, I will soon recommend brands that will give you the satisfaction you deserve. 
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