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Updated 18 March 2015 3:01am
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My dear valued page visitors,

        Please be informed of my upcoming posts, the titles may not be final- I am still writing at the moment but at least you have the idea of what is coming. My topics just pops-out on my mind and as much as I can, I am trying to keep-up with the trend and current issues, that is why I was able to come-up with these temporary draft titles:

          1. Reaction Paper: Mamasapano Senate Probe/Board of Inquiry Report
I am reviewing the live streaming of the Senate Probe right at this dawn. The paper shall be finished before dinner tomorrow.

2. Reaction Paper: Quezon City Serial Robber and Rapist 

            3. Tagalized "English Lessons" on Grammar


4. Home Tips etc.

5. Reaction Paper: NBP (National Bilibid Prison)

6. Graduation-related topics

          I always wanted to  express my opinions and feelings about the current issues surrounding me on whatever concern I am interested in, at the same time, I hope to provide you with things that could lighten/ease your everyday chores, let us together rear our children, understand the issues around better (I am doing my own researches first, before I make my reaction papers for me to be able to give impartial opinion on something) and hear your comments and opinions as well that can somehow help each of my readers in our own little way. Your comments are given importance and deeply appreciated.  

          Thanks a lot for dropping by to read this message. God bless us all.

                                                                                    Very truly yours,
                                                                                    Angelita P. Galiza - Madera

Under each page category (located at the page HEADER), click to see all the posts on that particular category. Older posts are accessed by clicking on the left-side of the page (or see the older posts link at the end of each category) "More Posts from Angie"- drop down arrow shows the Titles when clicked.  My articles are still worth it even it has been posted weeks ago...the infos are still useful :)

I kept on renovating the site's lay-out for better interface...thanks.

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