Tips to Keep the Love Alive in Your Married Life

Missing those days you are just starting the family? Here are some tips to enliven the gloomy husband and wife relationship you are having:

Praise Your Spouse

-Say something that could brighten your spouse's day. The nice manicure, the neat coat and tie and the like.

Criticize in a Constructive Way

-Say  for example "Buy some new blouse for you"  than saying "You really look awful on that blouse.." or just suggest a better one of your liking.

Be Generous

-Generous not just materially, gifts are not bad in fact they are well-accepted. Time, efforts can be shared too.

Have Private Moments Without the Children

-Be sure to have sometime in a month to have a "date" out, dine together or watch a movie or theater plays.  In that way, the grandparents are happy too to have your children in their home for a while when you are going out on a date.

Do Not Speak at the Spur-of-the-Moment

-We often speak of words we DO NOT REALLY mean at the spur-of-the-moment. Try your best to abstain from talking while you are still "flaming" in anger.

Choose the Words

-Do not use the "extreme"or exaggerated terms in expressing your thoughts when in an inevitable confrontation. Must avoid confrontation if possible.

Pray for the Family

-The BEST advice/tip I can give is to PRAY to always keep you open-minded and forgive each other and keep the LOVE alive in your hearts...let God be the "third party" in your relationship.

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