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Every morning I am thinking of what nutritious meal can I prepare without so much effort. There are a lot of recipes but it takes so much time and a lot of ingredients that must be readied to get it done.

Children love champorado (glutinous rice with cocoa powder like a chocolate porridge) – however cooking the exact recipe takes time too. I found a healthier substitute with – OATS! Yes, I prefer this instant oat we can buy from groceries. Just pour hot water, no cooking needed. Golden Oats brand – look for the blue pack for INSTANT variant because there is also this ‘quick-cook’ alternative.

Oats are a good source of fiber that acts like a ‘broom’ that sweeps away bad cholesterol and unhealthy fats and oil that may ruin blood circulation and sometimes block blood vessels upon accumulation. That is why oats are not just recommended for kids but for aged people too.

Most do not like its bland taste. Go beyond the sugar-only mix when you can perk it up with your favorite hot beverage flavors.

The consistency depends on who will eat, what each prefers. My elder child, Angel Reign likes it soupy like a cereal drink -I add more water allowance (water is absorbed by the oats to cook it). Riana wants it gooey like a real porridge so I put just a slight/little water allowance.

Common blends:

- There are milk brands that are sweet enough – does not need to add sugar.
- Chocolate and milk

This makes a great champorado! Especially if the milk is evap. But chocolate alone will do. Health buffs do not put sugar, it would really be up to you.


- Mix your oats  with HOT chicken broth as its water (for a different flavor) or any leftover  hot soup; having it like a rice substitute.

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