Getting Meatloaf Out Perfectly

When I am still single and sometimes tired from the day’s work in the office and mother is out-of-town, I have these moments of wanting to have dinner ASAP. The best choice would be canned meatloaf.  The problem I had is getting the loaf full and so I can slice and fry it. It always comes out cracked – you will lose appetite seeing it a mess and it is too difficult fry in small broken pieces.  Now, I know the technique- for those who had that same problem like I was telling, you have got to read this.

The Solution:

- Open your can of meatloaf BOTH in the top and bottom lid.

- Pass a knife around it.

- Check which side of the can the loaf is very near (almost oozing out of the can) the lid, if it is in the top or bottom side.

- On that side, push the loaf out. There you have it, a full piece of ‘log’ to slice.

Other Helpful Tips:

Dipping the slices in an egg white or scrambled egg before frying adds flavor and tenderness.

But if you want it a little toasted (brown) – just cook it  in an oven toaster  tray, no need to add oil. It will not stick, oil from the loaf comes out and fry itself.

Just flip it when the edges of the slice facing the tray is brown. If it is not that cooked yet – sticking is possible as well as breaking your meatloaf slice.

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