Villa Espina Falls, Quezon Province

Nowadays if you want to go to a place that will definitely please your senses, you have to pay for it. Tourist destinations – aside from transportation expense and maybe an overnight accommodation to enjoy the long trip. How about this FREE paradise...

My husband and a colleague on their way to an important missionary activity have found their way to this unpaid paradise – yes, there is no entrance fee (maybe at this very moment till it is not yet discovered and developed). Even I am not the one to see this for real, the pictures and videos convinced me that it is really a good place for a family or group excursion (not all teens or children huh! Needs an adult supervision) for swimming, fishing and hiking/trekking. A collapsible tent and a bon fire is imaginable. All you will need is a bag of perseverance to reach the place.  It is a two-hour walk from the Tagalog community. Even a single motorcycle can not reach the place because of the elevated and muddy (like a quicksand) landscape, your wheels will get stuck on the mud. If you have a carabao or horse – they can certainly endure the walk having their sturdy feet…

The place is pure, the sound of the water dripping from the falls really gives you the feeling of closeness with mother nature.

Vines hang from the trees touching the river where the water flows from the Falls.

The water is as blue as the sky – the picture is unaltered. There are also edible fishes swimming therein. The air is fresh without a hint of smoke from the nearby town’s streets filled with motorists. The dwellers are nice and friendly people who are popularly known here in my country as aetas.  Their nipa hut speaks of Filipino tradition – the way of living of ancient Filipinos.

If I can just stand that long walk, I could have gone there before any of you with my family...I have the condition that tires me easily, palpitations and shortness of breath walking farther.  But I love to walk, because it is a cardio-exercise. 

I leave it up to you to judge Villa Espina’s haven but I really hope and wish that you will help keep the surroundings and the river as clean as it is and will respect the guardians of the place – the indigenous people.  Thanks in advance for doing that.
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