Two Kitchen Essentials

 You got to have these two fellows on your kitchen - the mini trash can adjacent to your sink and the ladles, knives etc. organizer. I really find them great especially the organizer, you have got everything in one place. See each sample photos below.

Yes, you have the larger one for all the other garbages you have at home but it is better if you would have a separate small bin adjacent to the faucet sink – dedicated just for the wet leftovers from plates and cooking mess (like fruits and vegies’ peel etc.) 

- choose the one with a tight cover and as much as possible very small air leak to avoid smelly trash.
- Line it with a plastic/cellophane (eco-plastics made from indigenous materials) before using so as to minimize periodical cleaning or washing- saving time and effort.

Another great find is this ladles, chopping board and knives organizer.  Looks neat.

-comes with a dish drainer
-available in Novo Stores in Gumaca and Lopez Quezon
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