Fight Zika Virus with this Mosquito Tent

It is very enticing for kids especially when you choose the color they love.  It is really like a see-through play tent inside the room.

Another benefit is that it is large enough to accommodate a queen size foam bed, lesser chances of mosquitoes to get in.

If you can find a double-zippered one, THE BETTER because the only disadvantage I found is that if it happens that the makeshift door’s zipper is broken – the mosquito tent will not serve its mosquito proofing function.

Another good reason why you got to have it -  it is foldable,  thin and light.  It is portable for out-of-town trips with your kids.

You can find this in SM department stores just ask the salesperson (three hundred eighty pesos) or in SYNJ Trading in Lopez, Quezon, it costs around five hundred pesos or US $ 10-12 there.

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