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Babies' brain development starts inside the womb.  We can read books, pamphlets and most of the times pediatricians or ob-gyne recommend that we listen to classical music like Mozart Effect during and after pregnancy.  Listening to such kind of music is also advised for children while they are sleeping.

       Riana's Medals & Ribbons
      in Pre-elem 
Angel Reign emerged as the Champion in English
District Quiz both in Grade III
(Buenavista District 2013) and Grade IV - Mono-grade (Calauag District 2014)

After I bought a Mozart Effect CD I immediately transferred its content to my PC (CDs easily get scratches and does not last long) and have it installed on phone's memory too.  From the time my eldest (Angel Reign) is months old in my womb I am listening to that music and I have made it a lullaby on her every night sleep-and I did the same to Riana Ysobel. And to add to their first vocabulary, I would suggest the following based on my true-to-life experiences as a mom:

1. Start pointing things around to your child - saying the name of each thing. Like the pillow, blanket,
window... almost every thing around that your child's eyes can clearly see.  Do that everyday, do not get tired even when you are outside your house.

2. Buy NOT ONLY  children's songs/nursery rhymes VCD/DVD, be sure to include educational ones.  I would not hesitate to recommend Brainy Baby  and Magic English DVD.  

Brainy Baby DVD became Angel and Riana's home teacher (aside from me). The DVD served as my nanny.  While I am busy doing the chores, I have it played on the background while my child is in her walker or play pen.  It teaches the basics from colors, shapes and a lot more.  I kept my child in a place that I can still see her while watching and I am busy so I can easily glance to check on her.

Magic English - teaches English vocabulary.  Children love Magic English because of the cartoon characters (Disney) serves as the performers.  The DVD shows or enacts every English word e.g. CRY - it shows Dumbo (the  baby elephant) crying.  The children get the idea of the word's meaning, the word is portrayed in action.  The said dvd has different subjects every issue such as Family, Friendship etc.  Magic English has comprehension tests after each lesson.

Angel started to count, recognize colors and understand English words at the age of three.  Nursery rhymes with the alphabet and counting helps a lot too.  It is easier for children to remember things with music/melody.

As soon as I found the picture of the DVD's cover I will upload it for you to see. But you can also search Google for the aforesaid DVDs..I have a Google Search Button below my website.  

3. For Filipinos like me, be sure to back-up your children's dvd learning with our native language.  I noticed Angel did not easily recognize the colors/words/numbers spoken in Tagalog. Make it a daily habit to ask her things like "What color is this?" - do not expect her to answer especially if the child is just one to two years old only, tell her the answer in English then in Tagalog (suggestions: parts of the body, parts of a house, animal, things around like cabinet, comb and the like).  

4. Talk to your child.  Talk in straight English or Tagalog - baby talk is not advisable. The child will not learn the language the right way, bulol.  They imitate what they hear  and learn the word's meaning too.  Do not forget to remind grannies/uncles/aunts about it.

5. Buy Flash Cards.  Research on the correct sound of each letter of the alphabet and start teaching it with the flash cards shown. Do not teach sound of a letter in "syllable" for your child to learn each letter's own sound and this has long term effect because they can easily learn to read faster. 

                             Letter "Bb"   =   not sounded as "ba"
                             Letter "Ll"    =   not sounded as "la"
                             Letter "Nn"   = not sounded as "na"
-To get the correct sound, tuck-in your lips and release to produce sound not  a syllable

-"Ll" sound is get by mouth slightly-open, the tongue is bent upward touching the upper and inner side of the mouth.  

-"Nn" sound, clench the upper and lower part of your teeth and start uttering the "n" sound without moving your mouth and lips.

I will soon create a video of each letter correctly sounded. Those are just some examples.

6. Buy colored and picture-illustrated books for children.  All-text and black and white printed books are not so inviting and really boring to children of young age.

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