Manila Zoo Family Trip

This is a little late, we have visited the zoo on the 5th of November 2013.  The whole family is in - me, my husband and our two daughters.  It is within our Family Week's  vacation.

Riana Ysobel & Angel Reign 

According to my research, the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden was inaugurated in July 1959. This six hectares zoo is located in Adriatico St., Malate, Manila.

With "Malik", the elephant

The sleeping hippopotamus..

Bird's paradise with that picture-perfect colorful bird..

Clean surroundings..


Brown sheeps?

Beautiful swans' lake...
I have been in the zoo for the first time (1996 or 1997) when I was still in first year college on a University's Tour. The zoo in 2013 is very much different way back then.  It was renovated, made visitors-friendly, and the animals are seemed happier than before.  The zoo is cleaner and the animals seemed more cared for. I can see that it is also commercialized. Why did I say so?

1.  A lot of souvenir shops
The shops cater to the public - children and adults (shirts, caps, display items on animal/ zoo theme)

2.  Photo booth (one with a real giant snake to pose with). A hundred pesos (in 2013) for a two shots souvenir with the giant snake.  The snakes mouth is taped. According to expert's studies snake stay calm when full.  It will take days before they get hungry. So, nothing to worry about and of course the handler is just around.

3.  Private business owners are allowed.

They put-up adventure zones like the ones with a bird park, boat-ride on the river and there are also food kiosks and a canteen inside the zoo.

There is an entrance fee to get some up-close interaction with the birds and a better background for pictures.  Birds became celebrities, it literally "pays" to pose with them too.

For Angel and Riana who are excited to see Zebra, Giraffe, Rabbit breeds, Owl etc., the over-all trip experience is quite enjoyable.  Just a note on the snakes' terrariums that are a little gloomy and dark. Anyway, finding the snake hiding and camouflaged in the rocks and tree trunk can be fun to everybody.

The zoo's general admission fee is around PhP 100.00 for adults and children (PhP60.00 for children below 4feet)  by 2014. Everybody can bring-in food, drinks and your own camera.

Here's a link Manila Zoo .

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