My Top 5 Best Studying Habits

Looking for ways to pass the final exams?  Stressed on memorizing lots of details especially on enumerations? I have here some well-tested tips I used during high school and college. I also taught my daughters these techniques,and it worked! 

# 1   

Talk to yourself while reviewing.

Explain it to yourself, what is the concept of the theories, no need to memorize when you understand the idea of it. You want to gauge your own understanding?  Say everything in your own words, how you understand it and check if it matches the written reviewer or your book.

An anonymous source said before that hearing what you are reviewing helps a lot.  It adds to your recollection.

Customize your reviewer.

Scan the whole topic. Get the important points such as:

a. important term definitions

b. date, people and places (History and Current Issues subject)


List them all in a bond paper or pad.  Use a highlighter to identify main terms, important date,people and places.

If you look at each word thoroughly with the highlights on it, you can easily capture the reviewer in your mind thru your eyes. Even if you close your eyes, it will be easy for you to recall what is written especially if you write it on your own too,that adds-up:)

Use Mnemonics for enumeration.

For example I used mnemonics for Angel's (my eldest) History Quiz reviewer in grade two. There are eight rays of the sun in the Philippine Flag, they are the eight provinces that revolted against the Spaniards. The provinces are as follows:

1. Manila         (Ma-)        
2. Cavite         (Ca-)
3. Laguna         (La-)
4. Batangas       (Ba)
5. Bulacan        (Bu-)
6. Pampanga       (Pa-)
7. Tarlac         (Ta-)
8. Nueva Ecija    (Nu-)

I used MA-CA-LA-BA BU-PA-TA-NU or MaCaLaBa BuPaTaNu (from the 1st syllable of each place) as shortcut text to remember all of eight. It effectively reminded my daughter.  I just get the first two letters of each Province's name and combined it to make a readable bogus word. Until now I can still recall it.  

Invent, experiment, interchange sequence to make a memorable word to stand for the enumerated items. 

Get your friend or your sibling's help.

Let your pal or sibling ask you questions using your reviewer, that way you can test yourself if you really remember all you have studied alone.

Return to questions that you gave a wrong answer until you master them. You can make questions rolled with answers written on it too so it will be easy for your review-partner.

Have a mellow background music playing 
while you are studying.

No, I am not joking. Yes, while I am reviewing the radio is on.  It is not distracting me but it gave me a feeling of relaxation and makes everything less stressful and enjoyable.  As long as the sound is soft to hear just really like a "background" music.

Try this. And you'll get hook to it. I do not recommend headset just a radio. That is sure distracting when you have the sound in your ears..

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