Unleash Your Child's Potential I : Artworks/Drawings

As soon as children age four, their inclination shows. Would you believe, my Angel Reign has shown her dancing prowess as early as she is just one year old - she danced while sitting (not yet walking expertly) hearing the bumps of a spoon in a cup while I am mixing my coffee. She is indeed a good dancer  as commented by her teachers and later on I discovered she can sing too. But mostly their other talents manifest when they can stand firmly or hold objects like pencil steadily. My Riana Ysobel showed hers when she is four.  She love to draw. In fact, I kept her drawings since then and it is more than a box now, I am really having trouble finding blank papers for her to draw on, she never stops asking till you give her :)

Riana Ysobel's "Our Family : Potato Version"
That's me her, her sister, and dad :)
Riana Ysobel

Tips to hone your child's potential:

If the day does not end without her drawing the family, house, the cat even just anything she has in her imagination, that is a hint she loves what her doing.  Here's how you can help her:

Riana Ysobel's "Our House w/  Apple Tree"

-Buy her drawing books/pad paper/notebook or all of that so she can practice on any kind of paper. Do this before she end-up drawing on walls :)

- Buy her crayons too, the best for kids are the giant crayons. Easy on their grasp - Crayola Brand has it.

- Buy her stencils/ruler with different shapes to trace, coloring books and several pencils to change-on if the lead suddenly breaks sho she wont get frustrated not having an extra.

Riana Ysobel's "Sisters"

-Teach her to use eraser (and the concept of erasing esp. if she is not yet studying) and buy her medium-sized one not too little it will be hard to use.

-Buy her connecting-dots or tracing  broken-line workbook, although most coloring books have those exercises too.That is to help her practice more scribbling straight and curve lines.

-If she likes to draw, she might as well like to put her artistic inclination in playing clay (non-toxic ones available). Molding different shapes and objects, better than playing mud and soil to make improvised pots outside the house. But this is not advisable to children younger than four unless supervised. Danger of choking might be present.

Angel Reign's Clay Sandals Artwork

Nice designs of my young Designer...

See the details...

- Another medium of her artistry can be Lego blocks. Better buy the inch-sized (can not be swallowed) and check for toxicity. Be sure not to compromise safety over pricing.  

Riana has turned the blocks into a cabinet

Having different outlets of artistry is one way of honing your child's talent with materials support. And never ever give her a negative remark on her drawings for example, if you want to teach her on better coloring, do not say a word on her work but guide her hand on another paper just drawing an object, a circle will do; then after that let her do it herself.  She will be happy to do it again alone, the better way.

The problem is that I always remarked Riana's drawings with a "Wow!" when her dad commented "nice" she thought it was not the best remark she can get asking me "Why not a wow mom?" with her lips showing sadness...I nearly laugh at her, what I did is I told everybody in secret what she wants to hear when she let them see her works..especially her older  sister, I explained to her what might be the consequences of negative remarks on her younger sister's drawings...

I am not just doing that to flatter her but to give her encouragement to do more..and never stop drawing. It gives her the confidence too that she can do anything and will not be intimidated to try.

I hope I have shared with you some good advice I have applied to my children :) Next Part "Unleash Your Child's Potential II: Singing & Dancing", till my next posts..

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