Renaming a Computer-generated File

Every  computer file has its name and its extension:


If the file is an image, the usual format is jpeg and the extension name is .jpg  

"mypicture" is the FILE NAME. 

The file can not display the image unless the right extension is written or copied again after renaming the file; same is true with movie files. Renaming a videoke file I have downloaded, the file plays successfully after downloading after I have renamed it there comes the problem, it would not open again the way it has played before. 

For no formal computer studies like me (only basics in College), this problem has caused me a lot of files to delete when it can be easily revived by putting or retaining the extension name.I noticed that when I tried re-naming a file when I forgot to put the old extension the file seemed corrupted and impossible to open. That is why when renaming CHANGE ONLY the File Name and keep the extension so that the file opens appropriately.

I hope this could help students and others like me who has encountered this kind of trouble. 

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