Hope for the Refugees - An Open Letter

I am appealing to Queen Elizabeth of France, Prince William, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Mr. Manny Pacquiao , Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Mr. Tiger Woods, Ms. Martha Stewart, Mr. Henry Sy, Mr. Gokungwei of Robinsons, the Signature Brands - Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, De Beers, Toyota, BMW, Porsche, Revlon, and all other people millionaires/billionaires to please let us join hands in helping the refugees. Do not look at me, I may not be somebody. It is not me who is important here but this important message I wanted to tell you. It is time to give back. Here is the chance to show the world WHO you are. Riches are for the living and what happens when your life shall fade tomorrow? I am just suggesting I am not asking or collecting donations, to clarify. Have you done something worth remembering? Will you leave a legacy for the next generations to celebrate and love?

Money can make things better, and that is what all those persons and companies have to solve the issue. A maybe forgotten hectares of land somewhere can be bought and transformed into a safe haven for the refugees, plus factories or workplace to employ them and sustain the lives of those unfortunate people. Because a place to live is not enough for their survival unless living is sustainable.

I know some of you have extended help to others in some way like providing food or scholarships etc. , but this time refugees are begging for their lives to be spared. We do not hold the ‘trigger’ that might kill them but in our hands HOPE exists. I wanted to take part in reaching-out to the refugees, I want to give them this strand of hope I am holding in my hand – that this little blog will reach the authorities and the concerned to help them LIVE. It may sound like a drama but this is really what I feel at this moment and I would never want to waste this chance, any precious minute to do what I could possibly can to support their struggle for life.

The refugees are humans but today they were treated like stray animals being refused to be owned.  I hope that the European Union can make a program like “Adopt a Refugee” wherein “able” people can act like a foster family to those helpless people thru EU’s arbitration and surety that they will not be abused nor slaved. And that “they will not just be given fish but the way to catch their own..” work to sustain their living. I was deeply saddened to the News at Al Jazeera with a heading “No space for dead refugees…”

Oh my, my heart is aching for these people, trying to put myself in their place…where me or my family have no place to go and that we are not given a chance to live…” I am challenging politicians around the globe to do what they can to help the refugees. This is the time to show us what you can do. Thousands die in every headline I read. I remember the child drowned and afloat somewhere when their boat sank escaping from  the civil war in their country, that scene was viral on Facebook. My heart was hammered to see the remains of that little helpless child. What if he is mine? Oh my, we got to do something. I only have the power of writing and knocking to the heart of my readers as of today. Had I been billionaire or just a millionaire, I would have done more than this.

I understand the economic impact on a country IF entertaining the idea, like here in the Philippines – still we are indebted and our own citizens are still experiencing poverty, meaning we are not yet self-sustainable and additional population needs more budget absorbing refugees may not be that good.

Thank you very much to Germany (who have even transcribed their Laws in Arabic for the refugees to understand), Pakistan (If I am not mistaken) that you have accepted the refugees warmly. I am not an award-giving body to recognize your efforts but rest assured your kindness shall live in my heart and to those who can read this blog. European Union is also very much concern of this issue, in fact the countries encompassing EU have decided to distribute refugees in each country.

I pray that this blog post will haunt the hearts of many people (I wish but this blog has only thousands of readers a month) – to move swiftly to save more lives. I would love to hear the laugh of those affected children and families, I would want to see them dine together or go to church together. Let us give hope. Let us be the hope. Let us prove that the pen still has power

If you like the idea, please plus. Please re-share this post to your favorite social sites and together let us call the attention of other people to extend help at least we have done our part – even if we could not act more. There is nothing impossible with our good intentions, I hope so…I hope so…
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