The Second Chance Shirts Factory

My family has been a patron of Unlad shirts ever since. We are benefitting from its quality and I am well aware that the makers of these shirts are among the people who are given a second chance in life.  Unlad factories are mostly located at the FYM Foundation relocation sites – wherein victims of various disasters (victims of storms/flooding, volcanic eruptions etc.)  had been transferred by the Church Administration for sustainable living.

Yes, MOST of the refugees are members of the Church BUT the Unlad factory workers are not limited to the members alone.  There are also workers from other religions.  Most of them never had an experience in sewing or operating sewing machines.  The factories are not built for PROFITS as the primary purpose but to extend help – that is why the sewers are not limited to experienced workers. Those who do not have income are trained first with allowances because the Church Administration knew they badly need a source of income to start their life with.

Here are among the products of these Unlad Factories:

V-Neck White Shirts

The V-necks are made-up of thicker but still comfy cotton cloth.  The edgings are really clean and remarkable! The shoulders of the v-neck are reinforced with piped-cloth and edged with stitch again. The design team must have studied the most common ‘tear’ portions of the shirt due to prolonged use. 

Round-Neck Printed Shirts

The print is rubberized and does not fade. The over-all shirt appearance is really neatly -sewn. Like the V-neck, all the joining sides are edged with stitch.

Colored Polo-shirts
Still, the cloth used is of good quality. It does not bleed (color fast) when washed (hindi humahawa o kumukupas) – that is why there is an assurance of its lasting bright color.

Buying Advantages:

- Durability

Honestly speaking, the shirts are of good quality. The cloth is not the cheap and sheer kind. The sides were reinforced, sewn with edging so as not to expose the cloth joint where the stitches are – it makes the shirts durable when washing.  You will grow tired of using it BUT it will still be wearable, I guarantee it would last longer without the runs and edge-slashes with proper care. 

- Comfort

Cotton material. No worries of wearing transparent (sheer/see-through) shirt.

- Economy

Sold cheaper than the ones we can buy around, for a best quality shirt.

- Charity

This is one of the GREATEST plus the shirts from Unlad have. Although, the Church Administration is not vocal about this, every time we buy, we HELP BUILD better future for those families that once became misfortunate from their previous homes around the country.  Patronizing the products from Unlad is just a way of sharing with their journey in renewing their lives.

We can not expect our FYM Foundation to FOCUS supporting them for a LIFETIME because disasters come without a warning and the aftermath would mostly be homeless and helpless victims from another place and time again – they would ALSO need relief.  The homes to live with and fully-furnished factories (with machines and equipment) as livelihood are great aid and it would be too much to ask the Foundation for the salaries and lifetime operations support.  

Teaching the beneficiaries self-sustainability and responsibility is a good virtue in order for them to appreciate the fruits of their diligence as well as the value of their hard-earned money.

Workers in Unlad Factories are given aid not just for a day but for a lifetime without the feeling that they have depended their lives from ‘pity’ or alms but from a decent work they can be proud of.  

Every factory has overhead expenses (electricity/water etc.) to take care of as well as salaries to pay for and marketing and selling (transpo) expenses but the shirts are still priced FAIRLY just enough to keep the manufacturing cycle moving on and on like the lives of the workers as well as their families – and that is because we patronize the shirts.

As of this date, the factories are EXCLUSIVELY sewing for the needs of the church members – for occasions, special needs, INC engineers, architects, construction workers, and church officers’ uniforms etc. 

Have you bought your share of the ‘second chance’ shirt? 
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