Why Yes to Eco-Farming

Reasons Why Eco-farming is Beneficial

1.  Environment-friendly

Because Eco-farming only employs organic fertilizers, it helps preserve our environment - saving us from CFC and Aerosole containing products to grow our crops. The air and bodies of water adjacent to the farms will always be safe for the community dwellers too.

2. Economical

Organic fertilizers are available just everywhere from the kitchen wastes, animal manure and even from earthworms that burrows in your garden.  Because of it, farming costs is lessen and fertilizing becomes FREE which in turn lowers the price of the produce in the market.

3. Health Safety

The consumers of these crops will not ingest harmful chemicals from artificially-manufactured fertilizers.

It gives us assurance of a better future and a safer environment safe from global warming and climate change because we are free from the use of  chemicals harmful to our environment.

Links to eco-farming communities: (incmedia news and updates)

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