My Poem

Inspired by the word STEEL, I come-up with this poem.  It can be sang to the tune of  'Yesterday's Dream'...

Longing to be Safe
Serve You Oh God in words, acts and in mind
The cloak of Thy wisdom may forever be mine
Guide my endeavors be always upright
I shall not move away from the path of ‘life’

Troubles even hardships might seize me
I promise to hold on completely…
I swear to guard myself in moments of bliss
I shall remain with You forever in peace…

Eternal Life be my crown
On that faithful day
as well as my loved ones and it will be great
May You open their eyes to Your righteous path
Lord God hear my prayers…
we long to be saved…

Ever be loyal to Your Overseer
Keeping in mind he speaks on Your behalf
I‘ll not be wasting his time keeping me
I’ll be a good disciple for the rest of my life…

Lord God, equip me with Your armor of love
Your shield of kindness defend me
Kindly endow me the helmet of truth
And let me forever dwell in Your refuge…
Lord God, hear my prayers…

I long to be saved.
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