Mother's Day Thoughts

The earth would have been in silence if they have not become who they are, there would be no humans inhabiting our planet, indeed.  The real essence of a woman is procreation and motherhood.  And God has made all these things possible. Science can explain how a womb can nurture a growing fetus BUT it is the mystery of God’s plans that CREATED the uterus and all inevitable processes in reproduction.  Therefore, mothers are wonderful gift from our Lord God.

We have to tell our mothers how wonderful they are.  Nine months in their womb and the years we are existing until now they have not stopped caring for us.  

Although most of the children are still studying or still incapable of thanking them materially, we are not limited to that.  We can thank them by showing appreciation, a little ‘thank you’, a little concern (doing little things we can do to lessen the daily home chores), you never know it makes them happy to see us study well too.  Sometimes they even did not want us to help at home and let us concentrate with our studies, believe me I know it because that is how mama Susan is to me. 

To the youngsters whose moms are working abroad, slow down from asking allowance. You may not know how mom is out there. She might be scouring other family’s CR (if she is a DH), or might be washing her patient after a poo (caregivers), she may be shout at,scorned or maltreated – most mothers keep their pains, she would not tell you. Each dollar is hardly earned for you to brag on.  I remember an Indi Film entitled Leona Calderon depicting an OFW mom, her son is busy asking his mom for money to buy car.  The mother assures her son  he will have it soon mother is just saving.  The mother went sick and even died abroad but still she managed to send that money she did not spend for medication.  The story may be fiction but it happens in real life.  I hope you would not end-up like the child in the story - full of regrets, I believe.

Believe me, you will never understand how great a mother's love is until you become one.  I am now.

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