SPG Turnover Speech Sample

Here is my daughter's actual speech as an example.  I have written below a comprehensive OUTLINE/GUIDE and some helpful hints on delivery. 

Angel Reign
Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) President
Lopez East District SY 2016-2017

SPG Turnover Speech
24 March 2017

A pleasant morning to all our esteemed guests (___________________, _________________,
__________________,_________________) and mentors and to all my fellow-students. I am very thankful that I was given the chance being the president of our district in the past year.  Although, I could not mention a physical project that I have accomplished, I assure you that I become more of a leader in the past year. 

Being a student to my school, I have become more responsible in many ways I could never imagine.  I learned to become a big sister to fellow students and to take responsibility to the tasks I was given to lead on.  Opo, nagkaroon ako ng pakiramdam na maging mas responsable at manguna sa aking mga kamag-aral.  I kept in mind that I MUST become a good leader to be followed – that I have to show perseverance (pagiging matiyaga, creativity (pagiging malikhain), resourcefulness(pagiging mapamaraan) and a quality team player (mahusay na kasapi ng anumang grupo) that I have really not discovered yet of myself.  Nakahihiyang makita o maramdaman ng kapwa ko kamag-aral na ako’y nanginginig  kapag nahihirapan , that I can not think of a solution to accomplish what we should.  Ang posisyon po na ito ang nagbigay sa akin ng tapang para magtiwala sa sarili ko at maniwala na kakayanin ko.  Because for me, had I become weak, idle or absent-minded, hindi ko man sadyain ay ito ang nagiging pagpapakilala sa ating mga kabataan at mag-aaral sa Silangang Lopez.

Think that in everything we do, we are representing not just our own self but all the students of Lopez District. Ipakita natin sa lahat  na tayo ay world class students.  We must be respectful of our teachers, be honest at all times, be studious and be aware of our surroundings – at kailangang may manners po tayo. At makita sa atin na nagagamit natin ang mga natutunan sa paaralan mapa-yan ay academic, sociability o aspetong moral man- ‘ika nga ‘The highest form of learning is application’, masasabi mo bang natuto ka kung hindi mo naman naisasabuhay ang mga inaral mo.  And if others can, why can’t you (kung kaya ng iba bakit hindi mo kakayanin).  Kung hindi ka magtitiwala sa sarili mo LALONG WALANG DAHILAN ang iba na pagkatiwalaan ka.
I want to encourage every elected officer today (hinihikayat ko po ang bawat nahalal ngayong araw na ito), to bear in mind that being a GOOD leader is an option (na maaaring piliin ang MAGING  mabuting lider.  You can choose to become one if you like (maari kang maging isa kung gusto mo).  Ang mahusay na lider ay hindi nagpapalagay na ang mga ideya o opinion niya ang PINAKAmahusay, lagi siyang bukas sa suhestiyon ng iba at pangunahing isinasa-alang-alang ang kapakanan ng mga nasasakupan sa anumang pagpapasya at mga proyekto.

Nawa ay maisalin ko sa inyo ang mga ganitong kaisipan. Sa iyo, bagong Pangulo – nawa ay magawa mo ang mga hindi ko nagawa. Makaisip ka ng mga proyektong mapapakinabangan ng mga kamag-aaral natin at makapagsagawa ng mga fund raising activities para maisakatuparan ang mga ito.

Mabuhay students of Lopez East District! Kudos to our teachers! You help made us what we have become.

Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat.

I. Greetings

II. Appreciation of the Chance to Serve

III. Accomplishment (if there is)

IV. Body
A. Inspiration for the newly-elected Officers                  
-may contain encouragement to do better than what you had
- inspire words and wisdom (what leadership means to you as for example)
- directly addressing your successor (especially if you held the highest rank) what message you REALLY want to relay

V. Closing
- Congratulatory message to all elected
- Maybe some wishes and suggestions(optional)

Delivery Tips:
-It is better to opt for a spontaneous speech with a help of outline say a paper listing five main ideas of your whole speech rather reading. Ideas that when you see will lead you to remembering what you need to say. The outline will serve us a guide or reminder. However a proficient a speaker is, in a random speech IMPORTANT MESSAGE left unsaid and you may regret it later that you have forgotten to say it.

-Eye contact with your audience.

- Make sure that the audience can relate to what you are saying so that you can take hold of their attention. Rapport.  You can do that by SUPPOSING you are JUST IN A FRIENDLY not so stiff conversation with them. Glancing on each corner of the conference hall, do it naturally- that way you make everyone feel NOT out-of-place or that they belong there.

-If you opt to use another language for your speech other than your native tongue, make sure that you understand EACH AND EVERY word you are saying so that you can show CONVICTION, that you really mean what you say and know its consequences etc.

- Listening to a monotonous speaker makes the audience sleepy and inattentive. Try to use different words (synonyms) repeating words in a single a paragraph makes your speech boring. Use Thesaurus to help you with synonyms. 

Put color to your voice by varying loudness or softness and emphasizing words that needed to be noted.  Sometimes a little clean humor wakes the audience.

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