My Facial Care Product

Allergy to face powder? Never liked the espasol look of some face creams? Sensitive skin?

Here is another product I wanted to share with you. Undergoing puberty, my facial skin began to break out - pimples, whiteheads and blackheads sign-up. 

Facial Wash

Being teenager then I never liked the idea and it stresses me to look at the mirror.  I started trying to use astringents, commercialized facial cleansers but still did not work.  It took long until I tried Ponds because each product takes weeks to observe I just stopped earlier than a week when the effect is worse like if it made my skin rougher, drier or more skin disturbances come out (pimples etc).

I have been using Ponds products since highschool (almost 26 years now).  I discovered their Pond’s PERFECT CARE FACIAL WASH that really works with me. Sometimes it depends on skin type.  I tried every new product they release, facial scrub does not work well on my face unlike the plain facial wash. 

Modesty aside friends I have never seen for a decade saw me told me that I have not aged a lot, that I looked the same.  They are even asking what products I used on my face.  Thanks to Pond’s Institute for this product.

Pearl Cream Instead of Powder

One more thing I notice is that when I am using baby powder on my face MORE pimples come out.  I even try using facial creams from Chinese brands –  I just looked like a clown – it looks artificial.  Pond’s PINKISH WHITE PEARL CREAM looks natural, powder finish.  It does not look like you have cream on your face, naturally beautiful, I swear.  Friends, you must try it. If your skin is like mine when using powder but you still want the powder effect/finish to avoid oily-looking skin you can use it instead.

Product Price

The facial wash/foam, you can buy in retail, no more than PhP 10.00 good for two-three weeks used twice daily (morning upon waking and evening before sleep.

The cream is just about PhP 60.00, why go for more expensive brands when you can get best results from a reliable manufacturer- Unilever, Phils. Inc.  
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