How to Keep Leftover Biscuits Crispy

Children often have snack leftovers and if you don't have a vacuum or air-tight container it will just turn brittle after minutes or hours of waiting till the little guys are hungry and be back to look for it again.  Before they lose their appetite chewing the not so crispy and not so yummy biscuits here's a way to keep it crisp like it was when you first open its packaging.

Leftover Biscuit

Contrary to what others thought that putting it inside the refrigerator will make its texture unpleasant, I am 100% SURE it is NOT. Just make sure that all the other smelly food inside the ref is sealed IF you are going to put it uncovered like in the image below, I did not lock the plastic. Or if you have more time just staple or tape it if you want.

Only crispy sponge-like toasted food chicharon (Pinoy delicacy made from toasted pork fat), popcorn and cheese curls will not be better but becomes hard to bite when placed inside the ref.  The things I noticed why is this so:

- the biscuit has tighter molecules, more solid in form. 

- bread, cupcakes and cheese curls even popped corns have loose molecules where cold air can pass through and maybe make them stiff, losing crispness..just  a frustrated scientist but I admit I am a keen observer, modesty aside :)

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