Sunset in Hondagua
Tempest by the Sea

Amid the darkness

of the night in a deep blue sea

I sail across the pathway

of an endless trip.

It never came into my mind

that destiny would be unkind!

I glanced everywhere

but found no one there.

It's very dark around here

how I wish to be awakened

If I'm in lethargy of a sleep!

I just want to run away from the deafening 

noise of the place I've been...

But it almost kill me to discover 

that it's more deafening to hear the silence of the sea.

My mind wants to go back in the city

but my heart wants to stay here on the sea.

What if there'll be a storm?

Will I still be here tomorrow?

My tears fall down with the rain...

There's nothing I can do

I'm sleepy and exhausted

I'll put myself to sleep

I can't bear the truth 

that my journey is an adversity...

A poem I have written when I was  still in college. It was also published at the Commerce Department's Official Pubication - JPIA Forum dated March 1998.  I thought of sharing it to you.  Maybe you can relate. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
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