Reaction Paper: Germanwings Airbus 320 (Flight 9525) Plane Crash

The world is grieving with the families of the 150 passengers of the Germanwings Flight 9525  that crashed into French Alps last Tuesday (US time). 

All sorts of speculations have been circulating - there is this theory that the German co-pilot must be suicidal ISIS member, he must be mentally-ill or he is just suffering from a heartache.  The scariest of all the presumptions is that it was brought about by a medicine-related side-effect, suicidal effect!

Until now, many people has been searching for the truth why the German co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz has deliberately slammed the plane as the German Prosecutors revealed. Their conclusion was drawn from the plane's cockpit voice recorder/black box from the crash site. Important points are: there is no tension as the pilot instructs the co-pilot to take-charge while maybe in  a call of nature (because he came back after a few minutes) and asking the co-pilot to open the cabin and no response.  Alarm sound signalling nearness to the ground, loud noises somebody trying to kick the door open. No distress signal was called-upon, Lubitz never responded.

Andreas Lubitz,  had been found to have been suffering from a certain medical condition that requires a regular check-up.  The illness being confidential, was not divulged (whether it is a physical or mental condition) in the notes and an excuse letter for work issued by  a doctor recently found in Lubitz's apartment by the authorities. The day of the crash was said to have been included in the dates prescribed by the doctor as he should have been excused from work.  The said doctor's opinion was never brought in the knowledge of his employer, Lufthansa.

The neighbors of Lubitz known him to be pleasant but "shy type". And he has no police record whatsoever.  He was seen with a woman not known if his girlfriend or wife.

If it is a medical condition that rendered him unconscious (to have stopped piloting) or if he has a heart attack will not be anymore  included in the possible reasons considering the German Authorities' report from the plane's recovered black box. Because the pilot's cabin door is intentionally locked and the "descent button" was executed as heard.

There are many incidents in the US that points on the effect of a certain drug to quite a number of massacres including the shooting of many people from a Tower by a man who has taken treatment drugs of that effect.  These drugs must have been kept from circulating if it causes more harm than good. IF that is the real reason behind the crash.

That is why we just have to be very objective and not subjective in our opinions against the co-pilot and as to respect his living and grieving parents - the parents have lost their son and been maybe feeling guilty of their son's doing that had cost many lives. We really do not have any concrete proof yet as to what could have brought the guy killing himself and the rest of the passengers including babies, exchange students etc.  Here is a link on some of the Airbus 320 victims' profile

Today, Lufthansa is thinking of renewing their methods of screening pilot applicants as to avoid this horrid mishap.  I believe that not only the concerned airline should be very careful and maybe better to have their own independent Medical testing and laboratory center for screening key employees performing vital roles in a flight.  That is just, my very own recommendation.

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