Clay Art Design Gallery: Cartoon Character Lorax

My daughter has been very busy creating her masterpieces out of clay and I wanted to appreciate what she is doing that is why I have decided to take a photo of her every design and post it here for you to see and your kids to copy :) Just  to give them some clay design idea...see the last close-up image of the project below:

She copied Lorax :)

Riana Ysobel with her clay artwork ..

My six-year old is watching a cartoon movie, I was wondering why suddenly it seemed like she muted the movie, I thought she has slept while watching and the movie is finished-like what she always used to be :)  Surprised to find out she just paused the movie because she is claying - molding the clay to copy one of the characters in the movie. I was amazed with her idea...yes, it gave her a nice pattern to look at and this is how it looks like:

Lorax from "The Lorax"

She is asking me to buy her more clay because she has got a lot of designs on her mind and wanted to copy from the movies she is watching...she want it bigger. I told her "We may find some Company to let us "Review" their clay product and give us more than you dream of having :) Like a drum of it!"  Whew!

Sharing/praising your kids' work or art is very big way of appreciating and encouragement on your part as a parent.  They feel proud and eager to continue and improve what they have started :)

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Thanks for your time viewing  my child's project.  May we all have a blessed day ahead..

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